In Antarctica, melting ice has opened up a road and a bridge

Independent researchers using the Google Earth service are looking for a lot of interesting things on our planet that had previously eluded scientists, for example, underwater pyramids, geoglyphs hidden under the sands of the deserts of Egypt, like the famous drawings of the Nazca mountain range , and much more.

Recently, researchers using Google Earth maps have been especially attracted to Antarctica, where the ice is melting intensively, revealing amazing things, for example, clearly man-made pyramids, some mysterious bases, buildings.

Among the latest finds of virtual archaeologists are a road and a bridge in the highlands of the South Pole.

As the author of the video (see below) says, the ice revealed something strange. If you look closely, you can see a road, about half a mile long. A bridge with an arch clearly opens up from one part of this road.

All this, of course, is half-destroyed and half-erased by age-old ice, but it is simply impossible not to understand even from these remaining, that a highly developed civilization once existed on the coldest continent of our planet.

Indeed, there is such a theory that our civilization is far from the first on Earth, but traces of the previous ones are very difficult to find, since time and natural disasters have erased them thoroughly.

If one of these civilizations was located in Antarctica, which for some reason (displacement of the poles, for example) turned into a frozen continent, then today’s intense melting of ice here can really reveal truly fantastic pictures to us.

Unfortunately, the Google Earth service with its maps cannot serve as proof of certain discoveries, for this you need to visit the site. However, it is difficult to do this in Antarctica for many reasons, even for world-famous scientists, not to mention the enthusiasts of today’s virtual world.

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