In Africa caught a piranha, which hunts crocodiles

The most common types of piranhas do not pose any danger alone. They live in packs and hunt only when a lot of them. A fisherman in Africa caught a completely different fish – African piranha is ten times larger and swims alone. Its size allows to hunt even small crocodiles.

There are many legends about African piranha. Locals call it Mbenga, and this fish has an extremely bad reputation.

The famous fisherman Jeremy Wade is looking for the most unusual fish all over the world, which he catches and shows in his TV show: he decided to catch the Mbenga and introduce the audience closer.

It was not so easy to catch the Mbenga. Fisherman changed locations for three days before he was lucky. But finally, he did it.

Piranha was really impressive: about 30 kilograms of weight and length more than a meter. But this is not a record – there are cases of individuals about one and a half meters long and weighing 50 kilograms.

In their habits, Mbenga resembles a pike. She feels well any movement in the muddy waters of African rivers and instantly goes on the attack if she considers the target to be suitable.

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