“I will kill you”: The door camera recorded the threats of the ghost

ghostA man named Chris sent a video from a camera installed in the front door of his house to the paranormal podcasts “Haunted AF”.

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According to Chris, this camera turns on, triggered by motion, and some time ago it began to turn on every night at about 3 o’clock. Nobody was on the records.

But once, when Chris was looking through another empty night footage, it seemed to him that he hears a human voice. When he made the sound louder, he was horrified: the disembodied voice clearly said the phrase “I’ll kill you”.

To listen to the recording, turn on the volume to full. The phrase “I’ll kill you” can be heard at around 0:24, but invisible attempts to say something else can be heard throughout the entire recording, only the words can hardly be made out.

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According to Chris, when these strange night camera triggers began, he initially thought it was just a technical glitch. But one evening everything changed.

“When I started to listen to this recording, at its very beginning I heard a voice, which, it seemed to me, said“ open the door. ”It terrified me terribly and goosebumps crawled up my back. However, after a few seconds I heard the second phrase, it got even worse. ”

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None of the people on the record are visible, but in the frame after 5 seconds something like a translucent whitish orb appears. The ball floats to the left and disappears.

According to Chris, he still continues to live in this house.

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