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“I was abducted by skinny aliens with very long fingers,” says pastor

Pastor Bill Bean from Pasadena, Maryland, USA, has previously been in the press for his claims to have performed numerous exorcisms. He also claims that over the past few decades he has encountered “many extraterrestrial races,” and in 1996, aliens abducted him from his bedroom.

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It was the evening of July 23rd and Bean had just gone to bed with his wife Linda.

He told the Daily Star: “Suddenly, I was startled by a loud, popping noise in the room. I have since learned that those types of noises can be a portal closing. It’s trapped air inside the portal that makes the popping noise.

Reverend Bean claims he was abducted back in 1996 (file) (Image: Reverend Bill Bean)

“I immediately jumped up and out of bed to investigate.” Reverend Bean said the disturbing noises left him alarmed but had not woken his wife, Linda, nor their dog, Baby, which he found strange.”

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After that, he felt that there was someone in the room, but he did not immediately notice him, going to bed again and waking up again. At about 4 o’clock in the morning he finally saw a stranger in the bedroom.

“In between the foot of the bed and the TV, a very tall, non-human looking being appeared,” he said. “It had very long and skinny arms, with very long fingers. The being was glowing a pale shade of green.”

Bean tried to wake up his wife, but was unsuccessful, and then the creature grabbed him.

“It reached out with its left hand and wrapped its long fingers around my right ankle. I felt the coldness of its hand and fingers on my skin. And then suddenly I had a feeling of paralysis throughout my body. Then the creature turned me onto my left side, and… it that’s all I could remember.”

Reverend Bean claims to have captured a ‘UFO’ in this snap (Image: Reverend Bill Bean)
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When he woke up the next moment, he saw a man sitting next to him – clean shaven and with his hair combed back. And he realized that both of them were inside some kind of vehicle.

“The man was sitting to my left. He looked at me with a very sinister look and said, ‘Don’t tell anyone about this.'”

Bean doesn’t remember being brought back to his bedroom, but he later linked the abduction to a UFO sighting that had occurred the year before, in October 1995. He even managed to photograph this object (photo above).

“As we drove down Fort Smallwood Road, a large object descended rapidly and approached us from the western sky. It was unlike anything any of us had ever seen before.”

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