“I want you to die”: Woman claims ghost made her jump off bridge

A few days ago, a resident of the Thai province of Samut Sakhon became the heroine of a bizarre story. Woman claims that she was forced to jump from a bridge into a canal, reports thethaiger.com.

This happened around 11 am. According to the woman, she was riding a bicycle when she noticed a man in white clothes standing on the bridge. The man waved his hand at her and she decided to stop, thinking that he needed help.

But suddenly the man uttered words that left her in shock: “I want you to die,” repeating this terrifying phrase twice. The woman claims that after these words she lost consciousness and woke up already in the water, not remembering how she got there.

In surveillance camera footage, she can be seen desperately floundering in the water and asking for help. People from a nearby cafe helped her get out of the water and saved her life.

Such supernatural circumstances have caused a stir on social media. One of the local residents, Onuma Tapianthong, said that she also saw a strange man in white clothes on the same day, but earlier, around 9.30 am.


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Onuma and her mother were driving when she noticed a man dressed in white standing on top of an electrical pole next to the bridge. She claims that his posture was unnatural, but her mother did not see this man.

The recording from Onuma’s car’s dash cam confirmed her story, although the man himself was not visible in the video, but she was heard talking to her mother about the strange man on the pole. According to Onuma, the man disappeared when she got out of the car, and no one else was near the bridge.

Local residents also shared the dark legend of the Sanamchai Canal. Decades ago, this place was known as a place where people came to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge into the water. There have been a lot of accidents here, and boating accidents are common.

The Thai woman’s story remains a mystery, and locals have begun to ask questions about the possible supernatural influence that could have triggered such an event.

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