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“I saw the Shadow People when I was attacked”, says Colorado teacher

Twenty-five-year-old American Eilish Poe, employed as a teacher, miraculously survived after enduring 16 new injuries inflicted upon her by her enraged boyfriend.

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As she lay bleeding within her Fort Collins, Colorado home, she perceived shadowy human forms in her midst, entities she now often refers to as shadow people.

She remains convinced that these apparitions were the spectral manifestations of deceased individuals, including her departed friend and grandmother.

Her ex-boyfriend Jonathan Crossley attacked her in 2020, furious that she didn’t want to turn their relationship from a “light summer fling” into something more serious.

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He sneaked into Eilish’s house, sat down in the basement and sat there for 26 hours before waiting for the right moment. In the basement, Eilish had a cage with a rabbit and she went down to check on the pet. And then Crossley attacked the girl with a knife and began to strike.

She screamed, but no one came, she tried to fight back with her hands, but he did not stop, and then she guessed to pretend to be dead.

With her body limp, Crossley finally stopped beating her and ran away from the house. When Eilish lay on the floor in the basement, no longer hoping to survive, she saw shadowy figures next to her.

She was able to recognize among them her former best friend Vicki, who committed suicide a little earlier in the same year, as well as her grandmother.

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“My paternal grandmother was standing right there. Gini’s grandmother passed away in 2014 and she was standing there and just sort of smiling at me in a weird way. She wasn’t waving or anything like that, just standing.

“I could see crystal clear what Vicki was wearing and she was just standing there too. And just like Grandma Jeanie, she had that reassuring smile on her face.

“I still mourn Vicki three years later, but that moment was like a bonus for me, even if it was only for five seconds, or however long it went on, I saw her again and was next to her.”

Among other shadow people, Eilish says she recognized a local woman named Alyssa Burkett, who was murdered and stabbed to death in the city a few years ago.

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At the same time, Burkett did not just “stood and smiled” like the others, but approached Eilish and literally lifted her from the floor and sat her straight.

Eilish Poe in the hospital.

The media does not write who eventually called the ambulance, maybe it was the neighbors or Eilish herself found the strength to make a phone call, but soon she was taken to the hospital with 16 stab wounds and she underwent 10 operations.

And Eilish’s ex-boyfriend was never tried, because he soon fell off a cliff and hurt himself to death. Whether it was suicide or an accident is unknown.

As for the shadow people, Eilish says that after her days in the hospital, she sees them regularly and they have come to her about a hundred times.

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“I think it’s because I almost crossed [beyond], because I was so close. Maybe these shadow people are stuck somewhere in between [life and] transition, that’s why I see them.”

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