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I realized that there is a Devil: Conjuring the Satan

OuijaWell, this is something similar to the Ouija board, it was like a seance. 6 months ago me and 3 of my friends, James, Holly and Amanda were sitting at Hollies house on a Friday night at 2:30 in the Morning bored out of our minds with nothing to do.

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Amanda suggested that we Could do a seance saying that she has done them before and they were fun. At this time I was a big skeptic, I didn’t believe in satan or god really. So I was Like whatever better than nothing. I wish I knew what I was getting in to!

So She got a piece of paper and a candle. She told one of us to cut ourselves so My friend James pricked his finger with a needle and with his blood she drew Out a satanic upsidedown star with a circle around it. She told us that we Needed to go to a place very quiet with no one to disturb us, so we went to James house which is right next door.

His mother was out drinking and his Sister was sound asleep. So we go in the house and Amanda gets a hard book and Places the paper with the star on it, she puts the candle on the center of the Star. She explained what we had to do during this seance that we had to sit in a circle and hold hands while we ask questions.

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The questions would be answered by which way the flame of the candle turned (example: if you are a Good spirit point the flame to the right) so with all the lights turned off Now we sit in a circle holding hands. (I’m thinking this is really dumb and I’m wasting my time, nothing gonna happen) she looks at us with a grin “Ok who Should we call?” Holly says we should satan!

I and James are like yeah whatever we don’t care let’s just get this stupid thing over with. So she starts Out ok satan we call upon you if you are with us please point the candle Flame to your left. (let me tell you this house was dead still and there were no ceiling fans whatsoever and no ac or heat was on) the candle Pointed sharply to the left. So now its time for questions holly asks Something about if his power was great then turn the candle flame to the Right. It sharply moved to the right…

James turn, he asks satan are you Going to hurt us move the candle flame to the left… The flame went right Then violently went left… I actually started to get scared and was starting To believe this was working. Out of my scaredness I just blurted something Out which was “Satan if you are really evil turn the candle flame right”… It Went right. Amanda’s turn (now this is when I really start getting worried).

Amanda says Satan can you show yourself? If you can turn the flame to the Left. I told her not to say that with a shaky voice that was through my Teeth and a half whisper. The flame which was dead still did not turn left nor Right. It darted straight up! It went about 6 inches in the air! (this is Amazing because I forgot to tell you that the candle we were using was one of Those little cheap ones with a small wick).

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Holly who was next asked the same Question and so did James. The candle flame just went bizarre and was Thrashing around. I skipped my turn and so it was Mandies again. Her exact Words: “Satan are you going to show yourself or not?”

The candle flame now Leaned all the way to the right I mean it was laying flat like a finger Pointing! It then went around in a 360 degree circle still laying flat and Stopped dead pointing at Amanda. It then started to grow longer. Amanda gave A little chuckle and a worried look and asked what it was doing… It then Just darted so fast I screamed “Put it out!” this fire almost burned Her! It got to what seemed 1 or 1/2 feet long!

I and James were Blowing on it as hard and fast as we could! It was not going out I crouched And dashed to grab on to the nearest person for comfort which was

James had got it out by stomping on the candle. It was now pitch Black! No light at all. James crawled as fast as he could to the light switch (which was connected to a chain that dangled to the ground that you turn it Until it clicks and the lights on) well he got the light on but it only Flashed and went back out in what seemed to be seconds!

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But when the light Was on for that very small time I and James saw on the wall. A bullhead and A big black shadow that really had no figure. It was like what a splat looked Like, it then started moving in to the room where James sister, Alisha was Sleeping in.

James tried the lights again and they went on… So I and Holly Ran to that room swung open the door and told her to get out of the room at The top of our lungs! She came out and we grabbed her and ran to the living Room and sat on the couch. There I told her what had just happened.

She told me that when she was in that room and before we entered in there and told her To get out that something had woke her up. So it was about 3:10 am now. The 5 of us sitting in this house which was full of terror and very cold! I was Sitting in a ball shaking thinking about what just happened. No one was Talking. Amanda started screaming bloody murder grabbed on to holly screaming don’t leave me please don’t leave me here! She scared the hell out of us we Were all trying to run out of the house thinking she was possessed.

But she Still had holly so we were standing by the front door ready to run out and Asked why she was screaming. She said something was playing with her hair and Then yanked it really hard and she started screaming because it hurt and when She started screaming everyone started to run so she didn’t want to be left.

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So We all sat back down I sat on the part of the couch closest to the door. We Sat and sat not talking just thinking until the sun started coming out which Was like 7 I think because it was winter time. So we ran to hollies and saw Hollies mom and explained what happened. She accused us of taking acid. So we Said we would have to get rid of this thing on our own. We went back to the House got the piece of paper with the star and burned. Well tried to burn It… It wouldn’t burn easily at all.

It was a normal piece of paper too. It Took like 45 minutes to burn. We then got the candle and had James throw it as Far away as possible. We then went to hollies and slept until about 2 in the Afternoon. I and James went to his house when we woke up. His mom was there vacuuming. She looked at James with a pissed of look.

“Uh James I don’t know If you thought it was funny but just because I am a christian and you chose not to be don’t mess with my religious things!”

He didn’t know what she meant until she pointed at the crosses of Jesus she had on the shelf she said when she got home that 2 were on the floor and the other one was upside down on the shelf. I started shaking again and James then told his mom that he didn’t do It and what we had done last night.

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His mom told us we should never mess with That stuff and then got her Bible and said the words “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command you to leave and never return”, she said this in every room.

There really hasn’t been any sign of that spirit still being there. I know that that spirit was extremely evil but if the spirit was actually Satan himself… I don’t know and I don’t think so… But that was still a terrifying experience. This experience did help me in a way, it told me if there is a Devil then there must be a God.

This still scares the hell out of me when i talk about it…


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