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I-4 named one of the most haunted roads in America

I-4 is known for its traffic jams, endless construction, and crashes. But is it haunted?

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Well, legend has it that at least one stretch is by the St. Johns River Bridge, which connects Seminole and Volusia County. And the spooky history dates back to the late 1800s, reports

The story goes that a group of immigrants, who were Swiss and German, settled on land near the bridge. That colony was plagued with tragedy, including yellow fever, and there was a cemetery there to honor their loved ones.

It’s a cemetery that presumably got mowed over when I-4 was built decades ago.

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“Ever since then, there has been something there that people say is causing accidents. People say it is bad luck,” Varney Pearce with C. Green’s Haunted History Museum said.

Right down the road in Cassadaga, the Spiritualist community, they hear first-hand accounts all the time.

Tina Green owns the Haunted History Museum and says that stretch of I-4 even has a name: “The I-4 Dead Zone.”

Florida Highway Patrol says in the last ten years, there have been 26 deadly crashes in the area, and people have reported seeing a ghost.

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“People are going down I-4, crossing that big bridge from Volusia to Seminole County, and they will see apparitions of a woman walking down the side of the road. Usually, they say she’s in a white gown. And they’ll pull over to pick her up, and she’s gone,” Green said.

Is I-4 haunted by ghosts or haunted by bad drivers? There could be one way to find out—help the ghosts find peace.

“Go through that extra effort to make that contact, find out the source of their pain, and help them find a way to get past it,” Spiritualist Jerry Moore said.

Unless someone comes up with a better plan, the legend of the ghosts on I-4 lives on in Volusia County.

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  1. There’s a section of I 65 in South Alabama which was built over Indian burial grounds. It’s perfectly straight, yet there have been plenty of accidents in that area throughout the years. You might want to look into that.

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