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Hunting camera captured a creepy figure in the forest

The figure of a strange humanoid creature was captured on a hunting camera installed in the forest of an unnamed location.

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The author, who found the picture in the camera’s memory, shared it on social media, noting that the camera was intended for photographing wild animals like deer, triggered by motion detection. The area was supposedly off-limits to strangers, possibly private property.

The creature in the photo resembles a human, but its eyes emit a glowing light similar to the reflection seen in animals at night.

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The photographer questions the presence of a person, especially one entering without their knowledge, as the camera was set up to capture wildlife, not people.

“This is a camera set up in the woods, set up to take photos when it senses movement, main purpose is take photos of deer and other wildlife. There are no people that could be in the woods at that time and it had to be moving to set the camera off. What is this?” he writes.

The figure appears naked and unusually thin, which is deemed peculiar for a wild forest setting. The photographer discounts the possibility of a homeless person, arguing that he would have been aware of such individuals on his property, detecting traces of their presence.

While acknowledging the blurry nature of the photo, the photographer considers the potential for it to be a deliberate prank or a hoax. Nevertheless, he points out that hunting cameras frequently capture bizarre occurrences in forests.

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