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Humans could have reached the peak of Darwinian evolution, claims expert

The British astronomer Lord Martin Rees said that alien life has already been discovered, and it is represented by artificial intelligence, and not little green men.

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In an interview with the BBC, Martin Rees argues that artificial intelligence is a form of alien life leading to a new concept: reaching the peak of Darwinian evolution could mean the end of humanity’s role as the dominant species on the planet.

He said: “It may be only one or two more centuries before humans are overtaken or transcended by inorganic intelligence. If this happens, our species would have been just a brief interlude in Earth’s history before the machines take over.

“Many assume that human beings are the peak of intelligence, but it’s possible that our species may represent a stage on the path towards minds that are more artificial.

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“This could explain why the cosmos seems so empty of life like us. If an evolutionary transition to non-organic intelligence is inevitable across the Universe, our telescopes would be most unlikely to catch human-like intelligence in the sliver of time when it was still embodied in that form.

“It is perhaps more likely that the aliens would be the remote electronic progeny of other organic creatures that existed long ago.”

Some scientists recognize the possibility of the existence of other forms of intelligence not associated with organic beings. After all, in recent years, artificial intelligence has been increasingly being introduced into various spheres of human life.

We can only guess what the future will be like – whether artificial intelligences will be “aliens” as Rees suggested. If this happens, they may become the next step in the evolution of intelligence. Perhaps the time will come when humanity has completed its destiny and a new form of intelligence will take over.

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Thus, it is quite possible that on other planets artificial life has taken control into its own hands.

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