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Humans are not ready for a visit from aliens, scientists say

Leading experts shared their thoughts on a possible meeting with aliens, noting that humanity is not yet ready for such an event. Experts say this will cause significant anxiety and require significant preparation and adaptation by society, reports

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According to the latest research conducted by Andreas Anton from the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health in Freiburg (Germany), there are several possible scenarios for detecting aliens.

However, it is the scenario of a direct meeting between a person and a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization that causes the greatest concern among experts.

Mr Anton claims, in his study: “A biological life form, we suspect, could potentially cause greater anxiety, as the immediate question would be what ‘they’ want here. It also has an inbuilt assumption that they have a relatively nearby base or have superfast travel (maybe faster than light) and would thus be very far ahead of us technologically,” Anton and co-authors write in their paper.

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“However, the question of whether the encounter is with a biological life form or the emissaries of a machine civilization could remain unresolved for a long time.”

One of the key questions remains determining who these aliens are and what their goals are. Rapid advances in technology and the ability to travel at faster than light speeds make them potentially more technologically advanced, adding to the uncertainty and anxiety about how this will affect our civilization.

Psychology lecturer Dr Malcolm Schofield, from the University of Derby, has previously warned that confirmation of the existence of aliens could cause people to experience “ontological shock”, challenging long-held beliefs about reality.

He emphasizes that it will be critical for psychologists to mitigate the possible consequences and ensure the well-being of people in the event of such an event.

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“Events like this will have a serious impact on society and people’s beliefs. Our job is not only to prepare for this, but also to provide support and understanding to maintain psychological balance,” emphasizes Dr. Schofield.

In the light of such studies and statements by specialists, it becomes clear that a meeting with an alien civilization will require not only scientific and technical readiness, but also psychological support of society as a whole.

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