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Humanoid Visitors From Beyond Our Time and Space

On the outer edges of all that is mysterious and unexplained are the strange, often incomprehensible, encounters with human-like beings experienced by people the world over. These highly strange encounters are often personal experiences and are therefore difficult to verify, unlike for example, some poltergeist activity, such as in the cases of Guyra, Tarcutta and Cooyal where there may be scores of witnesses.

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Yet, while such inexplicable humanoid encounters often remain hard to verify, and even harder to swallow, they stretch the bounds of our imagination and leave the open-minded amongst us asking important questions about our place in the universe.

The following Australian humanoid encounters are a small sample from a comprehensive collection of experiences compiled by Albert Rosales and include reports from the likes of Australian UFO researchers Bill Chalker and Keith Basterfield. These encounters range in nature from beings paying little or no interest in us humans, through to apparently inept attempts to interact with us, fleeting contacts, telepathic communications, medical experimentation, kidnapping … and possibly even murder.

All this way and not even a “hello”

At around midnight one evening in February 1948, two people standing in their back garden spotted a bright round object hovering just above them. Sitting on the edge of the object, the witnesses reported seeing several small, green humanoids. They appeared to be making “a weird singing-like sound”. From the report, no real attempt was made by the visitors to make contact with the two witnesses.

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In the quiet night of the central Australian outback in February 1951, a group of local Aborigines observed a shiny circular craft about 12 metres in diameter land near a similar craft which had apparently already set down. Several minutes later, a dwarf with a “round shiny head” and dressed in a shiny suit came out of one craft and entered the other. Soon afterwards, both objects took off into the night sky making a buzzing sound. Again, there was no attempt to make contact. The shiny-headed dwarf simply went about his business, seemingly oblivious to the nearby humans.

It was daytime in Eucla in South Australia when in 1955, three men noticed a shiny object falling from the sky into a deserted area about five kilometers from their location. After heading off in the direction in which the object fell they conducted a search and after an hour or so, came across some “jagged shiny wreckage” and saw a figure moving nearby.

As it came closer, the witnesses could see that it was semi-human looking but also somewhat frog-like. “It wore a loose fitting green cloak that hanged down to its knees. It had a curved horn on each side of the head and its hands and feet were armour-plated.” According to the three witnesses, the creature began swaying back and forth and it then “disintegrated” right before their eyes.

Late at night on 3 October 1973, following a number of recent UFO sightings in the area, a man suddenly woke from his slumber to see two figures standing in the shadows in front of his bedroom wall looking at him. He described the humanoids as tall and said they were floating just above the floor. “Both swayed gently from side to side. Both beings had large, bald heads, slanted eyes, lipless mouths, and small flat noses. Their ears were pressed back against the side of their heads”.

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As far as the witness could tell, they were wearing no clothing. Then, one of the beings “opened their mouths and a high-pitched whine filled the room”. As this occurred, both beings began to fade from the man’s view and soon disappeared altogether.

They’re just as afraid of us as we are of them

In the Australian bush there is an old saying that “snakes are just as afraid of us as we are of them”. Perhaps the same could be said for at least some of our humanoid visitors.

At Mandurah on the West Australian coast, a strange little being appeared inside a family’s home one night in 1930. The small being was described as “pinkish in colour with large ears, a wide slit mouth, with glistening skin as if wet”.

It was also said to have “bulging eyes covered with some sort of film”. The father of the house reportedly grabbed a net and threw it over the creature, then dragged the poor frightened being outside. Unfortunately, we do not know what happened to that small, pinkish humanoid once it had been shown the door.

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The very next year, this time in the remote Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, a local Aboriginal elder reported that a strange object landed. Beings then emerged from the object, apparently taking a two-year old child. Another object also landed and a local woman approached the craft. She received a telepathic message that they wanted to take her also, but when the station manager turned up and threatened them with a gun they soon fled into their craft and quickly flew off into the night.

Camping in a remote area of the Jameison Valley in the Blue Mountains in 1971, a man was awakened by a loud humming noise. Grabbing a flashlight, he headed in the direction of the strange sound and found the clearing ahead of him bathed in a glowing white light. As he approached, he saw that the glow was coming from an egg-shaped object on the ground.

He noticed several “dark man-like figures” moving quickly around the glowing egg-shaped craft. The witness turned on his flashlight, shining it at the figures, who then made a hasty retreat into their craft. The egg-shaped craft then rose into the air and flew off at high speed.

I just want to be friends

It can be fascinating watching children attempt to make friends with each other in the playground. There are those first tentative steps towards the potential new best friend, a shy “hello”, often with a finger in the mouth and eyes downcast, and then finally, after a few awkward moments of silence, an afternoon of friendship quickly develops.

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And perhaps this is how friendships are made for some humanoids visiting from some other place in both time and space.

In Adelaide, South Australia in the summer of 1947, a four-year old girl was playing in the driveway of her family home. According to It happened to me, published in the Fortean Times, the girl suddenly noticed a strange figure in the driveway of the house opposite to her own. It was about six feet tall and was all in black.

“It had no arms that she could see and seemed to be pear-shaped with a large round head and long thin black legs.” There was no human face, only a glass-like face that appeared to have parallel stripes like a motorbike headlight.

The young girl found the creature “both queer and fascinating”. According to the report, the humanoid was at the same distance from the gate in the opposite driveway, as she was from her own front gate. The girl then took that first tentative step towards the stranger. The humanoid responded by also taking one step towards the girl.

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And then with each new step the girl took towards the creature, it took a corresponding step towards the girl. But, as the creature seemed to be moving forward at a faster pace then the girl, she suddenly lost her nerve as it stared at her with its glass-like face. The girl then began screaming and ran inside the house. Upon telling her mother, they went back outside but could see nothing. The strange humanoid had disappeared.

Let’s be more than just “friends”

While some humanoids appear to want to make friends with children, some are looking for somewhat more adult fun …

After dark in August 1966, while visiting some friends in the country, 24-year old Marlene Travers observed a “luminous, silvery disc” around 50 feet across and 10 feet thick in a paddock about 30 feet away.

According to the report, published in Hans Holzer’s The Ufonauts:

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“A door opened and a tall, handsome man wearing a metallic green tunic stepped out; she felt compelled to obey him, and entered the UFO. Here he told her telepathically that she had been chosen to be the first Earth woman to bear a child by their race. He had intercourse with her, and then escorted her out of the ship, but she accidentally tripped over some kind of switch, causing a flash that burned her ankles. She passed out and then found herself lying in the field. When she returned to her friend’s house she found that she had been gone for several hours. Later she was found to be pregnant.”

Highly strange … even for a humanoid encounter

And if they don’t want to make friends, or love, with us, some humanoids just want to really screw with our minds. Take the following account of high strangeness for example.

Two young women in Canberra felt compelled to go outside and get into their car one night in 1974 after hearing a “strange noise”. According to the report, they were not in control of their car as it headed of its own volition towards a remote site, accompanied by a brilliant light source.

“The car stopped and they heard a weird chant begin from behind the car, and could see vague, human-like forms. They suddenly became extremely frightened and one girl, for reasons not clear, got out of the car. When she tried to get back in, she was unable to do so because of the presence of a viscous, web-like substance over the car door.

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“They finally made their way to a local police station; returning to the site with officers, they found nothing and were escorted home. On the same night, police patrols in the area reported strange lights in the sky and one patrol car encountered a massive procession of snails on the road, headed in the direction of the young ladies’ strange encounter.

“The girls experienced a repeat of their earlier experience after the police left and their fear was replaced by a feeling of guilt, as though they had ‘betrayed a trust’ by reporting the incident to police. One girl suffered physical effects following the experiences, developing a speech impediment, and losing her ability to write.”

Happily though, the girl’s adverse effects were reported not to be permanent.

But for some other humanoid contactees, they would not be so lucky.

A sinister side to the humanoids

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During 1951 in the Gungal district of the Hunter Valley, NSW, prospector Graem Stout, was told by local Aboriginals that a “huge saucer“ airship had descended upon six Aborigines setting up their campfire beside a local creek to cook their evening meal. Apparently, the UFO “sucked them all up through a big hole underneath it” then flew away with them. The six Aborigines were supposedly never seen again.

In 1953, a lone bushwalker in the rugged Burragorang Valley in the Blue Mountains spotted a group of “man-like figures wearing shiny white “space suit-like outfits”. Watching them from behind some bushes, the humanoids appeared to be “searching the ground with strange metallic devices, apparently collecting soil samples”.

This all sounds innocent enough, however soon after this event occurred, three young bushwalkers were said to have gone missing in the same area … and according to researcher Rex Gilroy, were never located.

Did the missing bushwalkers also stumble across the humanoids conducting their soil sampling?

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Finally, renowned Australian UFO researcher conducted an investigation into a tragic case involving trace evidence at a presumed UFO landing site and the body of a 19-year old man laying close by at Tellebang in Queensland on 11 June 1971. Were humanoid Ufonauts somehow implicated in the young man’s death? Bill Chalker’s report is as follows:

“On the property of Lindsay Hartwig, a 6 metre wide ring was found in open grass just on the edge of heavily timbered scrub. The ring was in the form of a 45cm wide ring of apparent ‘burnt’ grass. The grass inside the ‘perfect circle’ was quite green. On the above date the body of Hartwig’s 19-year old son was found about 150 metres away from the circle. It was reported there was a strange mark on his face. An autopsy was unable to reveal a cause of death. The ring was of possible fungal origin.”

From complete ignorance, to futile attempts at understanding each other and making friends, through to acts of selfish lust and complete indifference to the feelings of others, it seems that just perhaps, these bizarre, incomprehensible humanoid visitors from beyond our time and space may just be like us after all.

Author: Andrew Nicholson, source:

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