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Huge UFO hidden in the mountains of South Korea, says Steven Greer

American ufologist Steven M. Greer claims he knows about a facility outside Seoul, South Korea, that has allegedly kept a “huge UFO” hidden.

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Dr. Steven was in the news recently for conducting a UFO/UAN disclosure event, in which he talked about strange and unexplainable sightings while also claiming that the extraterrestrial creatures, commonly referred to as “aliens“, are treated as “non-hostile”.

If this was too much to comprehend, what he has to say about the facility outside South Korea will absolutely blow your mind.

A short clip featuring Dr. Greer is being circulated across Reddit and TikTok, as people are finding it hard to believe his claims.

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In the video, he talks about alleged “Invisibility Technologies and Warfare Satellite Systems” and other “underground facilities” which aren’t known to the public and are used in discretion to conduct supposed projects related to UFOs or UAPs.

After naming two alleged underground centers locates underneath office buildings in the United States – One in North Carolina and Orange County, California, he claims a facility allegedly located outside Seoul is currently housing a “huge UFO”.

He describes it as an “extraterrestrial vehicle that they had downed with some type of electronic warfare system” and had to “carve out a huge part of the mountain just to contain” it, as it couldn’t be moved to any other site

He says the unidentified object is “still there.”

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According to some rumors, we are talking about an incident that occurred in the late 1990s. It is said that the South Korean soldiers were very frightened when they saw this object, as it “was far beyond the then technological capabilities of man.”

Some sites even publish the alleged place where the downed UFO is hiding. This place is far in the mountains and looks like a few buildings next to a huge concrete circle.

South Korean authorities say it’s just a “government complex,” but its strange shape, unknown purpose, and remoteness from cities and towns have aroused the suspicion of local conspiracy theorists for many years.

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The huge concrete circle has a diameter of 82 meters and is marked on the maps as an “army facility”. Next to it is the building of the “government office”.

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