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Huge UFO filmed over Stonehenge on the day of the summer solstice

This amazing video (see below) was filmed on June 20, 2023, right on the day of the summer solstice, but an eyewitness only recently sent it to the ufological organization MUFON.

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The author of the video was driving just in time for the Midsummer celebration in Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England, when he saw something strange in the evening sky.

At that moment he was about 4 miles from Stonehenge. First, two bright lights appeared in the sky, then there were three of them and they formed a “perfect triangular shape.”

At some point, an eyewitness noticed five lights in the sky at once, but two of them quickly disappeared, and the remaining three continued to hang in the sky.

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According to the author of the video, the object hung motionless, at least it seemed to him from his point of view.

“They appeared as if falling through the clouds, and when they left, they simply disappeared. I have no explanation for what happened there,” the author writes.

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