Huge UFO delivering something was spotted above the Moon

Scientists for several days have been studying a mysterious video showing a UFO over the Moon’s surface. It seems that a UFO is dropping a mysterious object into the territory of the moon.

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Ufologists note that this footage may indeed represent a documented fact of the interaction of a huge UFO and an unknown object on the territory of the Earth’s satellite.

This is not the first video to show an unidentified flying object near the moon.

The increased attention to this video is due to the fact that a spacecraft drops some rather large object onto the surface of a celestial body. The UFO hovers over an area called the Sea of ​​Cold.

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It is worth noting that, as a rule, a UFO moves along a certain trajectory. It resembles an orbital aircraft and hovers motionless relative to the moon, but at the same time rotates around its axis. Scientists have come to the conclusion that, most likely, gravity does not act on the spaceship of unknown origin.

The only mystery that scientists still cannot figure out is what did deliver the UFO to the territory of the Moon, since the video clearly shows that some kind of cargo is dropped onto the surface of the Earth’s satellite.

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Perhaps this mystery can be solved in the future, when astronauts can explore the area.

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