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Huge Mysterious Object Caught Shielding Earth From Leonard’s Comet

Many people who occasionally read space news have noticed the strange interest of the officials in Venus, which happened before the New Year and lasted for several weeks. The main plot of the stories was the phases of Venus, which began to be observed as in the Moon.

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Since Venus is a planet, there must also be phases, this is understandable and obvious. It is only incomprehensible that these phases began to be observed generally with the naked eye, despite the fact that 50 years ago these phases could hardly be seen through a school telescope.

All this gave rise to a whole discussion. The idea was expressed that Venus is now closer, that it is not Venus, but Nibiru, which is passed off as Venus, and other.

The phase of Venus as seen with the naked eye from Earth.

However, according to the In2ThinAir channel, on New Year’s Eve, there were some very strange things near Venus.

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As follows from the video, compiled from official NASA images, during the passage of comet Leonard past Venus, something like the Wheel of Ezekiel moved towards the Earth, after which a kind of field shield formed between the comet of Leonard and the Earth, or between the Earth and Venus.

Moreover, it was precisely formed, and did not arise suddenly, since all stages of its growth can be traced in the pictures.

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Neither the author of the channel nor the stunned viewers who watched the video know what it was. Most often, the version is expressed that this shield was put up by advanced extraterrestrials to protect the Earth from a cloud of debris flying along with the comet.

Another version suggests that this shield and similar shields hang around the Earth all the time, just the debris from the comet showed this shield.

But what is this shield doing in space then? Keeping people from seeing Nibiru? And along the way, why does Venus seem to be getting closer and we can see its phases without telescopes?

Anyway, what we saw in the video looks like something is guarding the earth. It looks as though it protected earth from the debris fields that follows Comet Leonard.

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We could’ve had a devastating meteor from this debris field hit earth but we were lucky. Or were we? This looks like luck had nothing to do with it. Now, the question is; is that earthly technology or is something or someone else protecting us?

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  1. Nibiru or rather Planet X has been in the discussion for over 20 years with most people saying it is now here, well if it was now here 20 years ago and continues to be now here now, I would have to say that the lack of sightings over years to now, and the lack of those supposed effects in our solar system that were to occur due to the gravity of Planet X means that this is all a lie. You can claim anything in space to be Planet X if you want, mis interpretations of the various planets along the ecliptic by people who lack the knowledge of amateur astronomers leads to all sort of views and claims as well as fabrications. The bottom line is that this is pure misinformation and Planet X does not exist except in the minds of the misinformed and in the words of those who need something to tell to generate and web audience.

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