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Huge cigar-shaped UFO filmed above Ukraine’s front line

In the course of routine surveillance operations, a drone operated by the 406th Battalion has captured intriguing footage of a cigar-shaped UFO suspended above Ukraine’s front line.

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What sets this object apart is its absence of wings or discernible means of propulsion, setting it apart from conventional aircraft such as airplanes or helicopters.

Theories abound regarding its identity, ranging from a reconnaissance balloon or drone to the more speculative possibility of an extraterrestrial craft conducting observations in the region.

The brief 17-second footage of this mysterious object has piqued the curiosity of casual viewers and seasoned experts alike, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the current situation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Throughout the history of UFO sightings, cigar-shaped craft have been reported worldwide.

These large objects are often likened to “motherships” that come from very far away and may contain smaller flying saucers or triangular craft. Some even compare these “cigar” craft to ocean-going military aircraft carriers.

As we await further information and analysis, one thing remains certain: the skies above Ukraine hold secrets yet to be fully revealed.

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