Huge black cube-shaped UFO captured in the clouds over Texas

A motorist driving on a highway in Texas noticed a mysterious object in the sky – a huge flying cube hiding in the clouds.

Cubic UFOs have repeatedly appeared in the field of view of ufologists, but in Texas we are talking about the third or fourth incident.

Star Trek fans are going wild for a Texas UFO video that seems to depict a perfectly square “Borg cube” appearing from the clouds above.

The clip clearly shows a strange object in the sky that looks just like the horror aliens’ spaceship in the hit sci-fi series.

Commentators are also surprised by this video.

“It’s actually one of the best quality evidence I’ve seen, really huge thing in the sky for sure”, wrote one user.

“100% real. This jumpy zoom-in and out footage from moving is not possible to fabricate. It’s real and the cube object must be about 10 miles away and at least 1 kilometer in size”, added another.

Giant flying cube? Planet X? Asteroid? Matrix glitch? What inexplicable phenomenon do you think was filmed early in the morning in California Sky?

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Jake Carter

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  1. Clearly that is a building poking up through the fog that is covering the city, the rest of which is visible in the foreground.

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