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Baby in dreams

How To Use Dreams To Predict Pregnancy or The Birth of a Baby

Baby in dreamsIf you’re trying for a baby, there are many symbols within dreams that can predict whether you will get pregnant, whether the baby will be a boy or a girl and even the date of his or her arrival.

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Some dreams can be pre-cognitive, that is, they can tell you information about the future so they are very well worth paying attention to. Please note, however, that if you are currently undergoing infertility treatments or struggling to conceive naturally then these dreams may simply be what Sigmund Freud termed ‘wish fulfilment’ dreams.

If you feel you are lacking something in physical life and are worried or sad about it, you may dream of your desired outcome as a way of balancing yourself out – this type of dreaming can help to ward off illness and depression, so dreaming about fertility symbols when you are infertile may be your unconscious mind’s way of helping you cope, rather than anything pre-cognitive.

How Can I Determine a ‘Wish Fulfilment’ Dream from a Pre-Cognitive Dream?

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Pre-cognitive dreams are often in full color and are ordered, that is, they have a clear beginning, middle and ending instead of involving random images. They often have a very clear message, sometimes from a living or deceased relative.

It is said that spirit people can visit us in dreams. Even the living are spirit people – they just still have a physical body – and they can impart messages this way. If you don’t personally believe in an afterlife, dreams like this can be comforting, especially if you have just lost someone you love. These dreams are easy to remember. If you forget the dream or message within minutes of waking, it is unlikely to be anything important.

This is only a rough guide and it is not always possible to distinguish a pre-cognitive dream from wish fulfilment. Also spirit, or the spiritual side of yourself exists on a different time frequency to the physical waking life so you may see something weeks, months or even years before it actually occurs.

For instance, at the age of 13, I dreamt of myself in a pink wedding dress (an unusual color to get married in, most girls of that age who are dreaming of their future big day would think: white).

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Five years later, when I was getting married at the age of 18, I went into a bridal store and found a pink wedding dress in the sale, the exact same dress I had seen in my dream at 13. Of course I bought it.

Five years has been the longest period of time between dreaming and the actual circumstance happening, sometimes it has happened the very next morning. So this is just to explain that if you see a fertility symbol, don’t get excited immediately, it may be a few months or years before this happens.

This is why I keep a dream journal. It is easy to forget things. I write everything down and then write in red pen underneath when it happened. Things that don’t make sense initially will often become obvious in the future.

Announcing Dreams

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An announcing dream is when the spirit of the baby-to-be announces himself prior to or just after conception. Examples of announcing dreams include:

Positive Pregnancy Test Stick – this is the most obvious. The positive pregnancy test with two blue lines or ‘Pregnant’ symbol can appear vividly, in full color or fill up the entire space in the dream. It can also work the opposite way around. For instance, if you’re NOT pregnant, you may get a negative result in the dream. On one occasion I was worrying about being pregnant (when I didn’t want to be) and I dreamt of a pregnancy stick with one vertical and one horizontal line. I was confused as usually a negative result is one line in one window and the other window is blank. When I went to the shop to buy a test, it was one of those new tests with a + symbol for pregnant. If you’re not pregnant you just see a -. I understood completely. The dream was telling me not to worry, I wasn’t pregnant.

Baby – the baby himself can appear in the dream, either on his own, or sometimes a deceased or living relative will be holding him. One dream I had before my son was born involved my mother-in-law (still alive) walking in through my bedroom door, holding a baby boy. She placed him on my bed and told me he was my son. 18 months later I did indeed become pregnant and he was a boy.

Please note though, seeing a baby in a dream may also mean that someone else close to you will have a baby. Unless it is specifically stated as yours in the dream, it may be a friend or relative’s baby.

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Toddler – sometimes the child will appear older in the dream and may speak to you or call you mommy. If you get this repeatedly and the child always has the same physical appearance, this is highly suggestive of pre-cognition. Another point to remember is, if you are getting this sort of dream, the gender of your child in the dream will be the gender you have in waking life.

Teacher/Spirit Guide – you may dream of a teacher or spirit guide in a classroom type scenario with a black or whiteboard. Pay attention to his message! In dreams like this, he or she can tell you if you will have a baby, the gender, and even when his birthday will be. If the message is clear and precise and it makes such an impression on you when you wake, it is likely to be pre-cognitive.

Pregnant Belly – Seeing yourself with a pregnant belly is an obvious announcing symbol, or having someone pass you a photograph of yourself as a pregnant woman. If you can only see the belly and not the face, you are either not meant to know this information beforehand or the pregnancy relates to someone else. Mode of birth can also be detected this way. For instance, if you see a cut across the abdomen, and you see this repeatedly, the child will likely be born via caesarean. Don’t panic if you dream this, though, because I did this when I kept getting caesarean dreams and it turned out to be someone else within my circle!

Doctor – seeing a doctor in a dream and he tells you that you are pregnant. This one is obvious enough.

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Voice – Getting a loud and clear voice in a dream that tells you you are pregnant, or gives a date when you will be. Sometimes the voice can be that of the child, e.g. “Mommy, I’ll be here soon”. Remember, their ‘soon’ and your ‘soon’ are different – he could still mean a few years away.

More Fertility Symbols

Breastfeeding – one of the best symbols you could have in a dream (although it could be wish fulfilment).

Formula feeding – this can also indicate the arrival of a baby. If you normally breastfeed or would like to breastfeed then the child will probably not be yours, but a friend or relative’s. I have had bottle feeding dreams for other people’s babies who were formula fed.

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Calendar – Having an announcing dream followed by a calendar with a date and month circled will accurately give you the birth date of an expected baby. I was able to accurately guess the birth date of a girl born in the family by this method. If the calendar is blurred, you’re not supposed to know.

Eggs – chicken eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs etc all symbol the female ova and conception.

Funeral – there is a lot of reverse psychology that goes on in dreams, and dreaming of a funeral can indicate the birth of a child.

Gun – seeing a gun being fired can represent conception (the gun is the penis, the bullet is the sperm). If however, it is a violent dream with blood and people dying, this is not a fertility dream.

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Tadpoles – these can sometimes mean sperm and conception in dreams.

Flowerpot with flower growing up – this symbolizes the womb and a baby growing in it. If you see two flowers in one pot, this is suggestive of twins, if you see two flowerpots, each with a flower in them, this can mean two women are having a baby.

New house with long hall followed by small box room at the end of the hall – This symbolizes the vagina and womb. If the box room has a baby in it, either you’re in luck or someone you know!

Crib with baby in it – again, obvious symbolism.

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Confetti – this is symbolic of sperm and conception.

Injection – If you have an injection in your dream, particularly in an intimate place like the genitals, buttocks or navel, this can indicate conception although it may just mean you are going to get up close and personal with someone you like!

Knitted baby clothes and bootees – if they’re pink, you or someone close is having a girl, if they’re blue, a boy will be born. If you see a baby in your dream, pay attention to the clothing, this will sometimes tell you the gender. I once dreamt of a white cardigan with scalloped edging, a design used only for girls, and was able to tell my neighbor she was having a girl. I was right.

Labor pains – this can sometimes mean that you will get pregnant. If you are already pregnant, then it is just an anxiety dream.

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Rice – this is symbolic of sperm and conception.

Stroller – this indicates an increase in domestic responsibilities and may indicate a baby. If you are purchasing a double stroller, it either means two friends having a baby at similar times, two children born close in age or twins! Pay attention to the color of the stroller, it may indicate the gender of the babies.

Strawberries – said by some interpreters to mean happy marriage followed by the birth of a son.

Oven, especially if it has bread or rolls in it – think ‘bun in the oven’ (there are lots of puns in dreams). Bread on its own may simply refer to money and an increase in money.
Small pools, like jacuzzi’s or hot tubs may symbolize the womb (but not large swimming pools or the sea).

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Author: Joanna Karpasea-Jones

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