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How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

CleansingSometimes there are situations within houses that make it hard and difficult for us live in them peacefully and in harmony. There are a wide variety of reasons for this. Some believe that houses can keep a sort of photo recording or image of other people that have lived in them in the past. This can often cause upsetting disturbances to the present occupiers.

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These are not true ‘hauntings’, but simply a sort of photo image that is left on the very fabric of the building itself. A easy cleansing will sometimes clear this in the same way that any videotape can be wiped and re-recorded upon. Others are true hauntings where someone has passed over, either in the house, or are in some way associated with it, or the place where it is built, and are unable to find rest or to move on into the Light.

1. Before starting the spiritual cleansing process, there are several important steps that must not be skipped:

Completely clean out the trash and unnecessary items from your house (physically). Give what you do not need to others who do, or have a garage sale and give what remains to others (as long as it is in good condition, of course). Many times, spiritual unrest follows a disorganized venue. Thoroughly clean your house, top to bottom: literally, ceilings and attic to floor and basement.

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Wash the walls (dilute vinegar or lemon water are quickest and easiest), dust, vacuum, clean carpets… and do not forget about those sundry storage places like garages and sheds. Air out the house for several days if you can. with all the windows and screens now clean and fresh, the fans and ducts without dust and mold, you can literally say out with the old and in with the new air in your house.

So if the weather is going to be unpleasant for several days, use that time to clean out then let the house air out during the lovely fresh-aired days following. Turn off the HVAC unit and open everything you can open. This is a good idea to do twice a year (spring and fall) anyway.

2. Gather the things you will need: white candles (enough for every room), incense, charged water and salt mixture (separate bowls with a small amount of water in one and plain salt in the other), prayer or ritual, faith.

3. Carefully pour the water into the salt, adding a prayer or invocation. An example of a Universalist prayer: “May the blending the elements of pure salt to preserve the sanctity and pure water cleanse this space, in the Name of …” (here add your own prayer or finish the invocation to whichever deity you have belief in). Do this in a sacred and important way, in the knowledge that you are creating a powerful medicine to cleanse and heal your home.

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4. Take the water and either using your fingers or a little brush, sprinkle the holy water around the walls of every room every door and every window. Make sure that everywhere has been treated.

5. Pour the remaining salt/water mixture in a line in front of any doors leading in and out of the building. As you do so be sure to recite the names of all who live in the house and all those whom you wish to pass freely in and out, including all pets that need to go in and out. This allows them to move with ease across the boundaries that you are setting up.

6. Go back into the house, and in each room light a small white candle and some incense. Leave both to burn out to the end.

7. Put a bunch of fresh flowers into the main room of the house.

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If you do sense something that is very disruptive or frightening to you in some way, then it’s better to bring in someone who is skilled in the way of exorcism, because this is what will need to be performed.

This is also often the case where a house has been built on an ancient burial site, where the spirits are disturbed and displeased. Always cleanse with fresh flowers and scented oils or incense after a dispute in the house.


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Some spirits in your home you may not want removed. For example, it has been shown in some scenarios that lingering spirits actually cleanse water as it enters a residence, by feeding on toxins in the water supply as they enter the home.

This was shown by one particular example where a family died only after a ghost was removed. Be sure to know what effects the spirit(s) is/are having in your environment before taking any action.


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