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Haunted house

How To Remove A Ghost From Your Home

Haunted houseRemoving a ghost from land or a home is often time consuming, but ultimately necessary if there are disturbances to daily life.

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Living in a haunted house is not as much fun as one might imagine. Interrupted sleep, daily disturbances, and objects being moved can all lead to feelings of frustration and exasperation.

There are several steps that can be tried, however, to remove a ghost and maintain a specter-free home.

Real Ghost or Mechanical Disturbance

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First, validate that there is truly a ghost present in the home. There may be a number of reasons other than a ghostly presence to explain cold drafts, creaking noises or any bizarre occurrence.

Residents of a suspected haunted house should heck to make sure there are no drafts from outside sources, verify plumbing and electrical equipment are functioning properly, and make sure the local neighborhood teenagers are not responsible for any trickery.

Research the Haunted History of the Home and Land

Research the home and land that is believed to be haunted. Check local deed records for ownership information and cross reference that with newspaper accounts of the history of the area.

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Basic information can be ascertained from talking with the neighbors about the history of the home.

Any death in the home can leave behind a ghostly presence, even if the death was natural and expected.

Removal Methods of Ghosts

There are several methods you can use to exorcise a ghost from a home. Lighting candles or burning incense is a natural way to clear and focus the mind. Prior research in determining the identity of the ghost will facilitate with the removal method.

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Begin by using prayer, preferably prayer that is appropriate to the ghost’s religious background. For example, if the ghost was a Christian, the twenty third Psalm may be intoned. If the ghost was Buddhist, a reading from a book of Buddhist meditations might work better.

After the prayer is recited, take a moment to speak directly to the spirit. Let the spirit know that it is time for them to go home, that their home is no longer here on earth. Tell the ghost that it is okay to move on to the next level of existence and that there is nothing here for them anymore.

Props such as holy water and smudge sticks are effective only if the ghost had prior experience with them. A born-again Christian probably had no experience with the traditional Native American smudge sticks, therefore this would not be an effective tool for removing this ghost.

If it is appropriate, use holy water, smudge sticks or burning incense to help remove the ghost.

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Call the Ghost Experts

If the above methods do not work it may be time to contact an expert. Local ghost hunter associations, churches or psychics may be able to assist with ghost removal endeavors.

It’s important to take a skeptical and careful approach in order to avoid scams and frauds. If a potential expert is charging an unseemly amount of money it may be a scam.

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Ask for references from any psychics or ghost hunters.

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