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How to Protect Yourself and Recover From Psychic Vampire Attacks

To protect yourself and/or recover from any psychic vampire attack you must of course, first realize you have been or are being attacked. To do this, you must cultivate awareness within yourself.

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Practicing meditation or just trying to focus and become more attuned daily and in general to your body’s subtle reactions to its environment will help to achieve awareness and develop intuition.

Rest, Eat, and Relax: If you feel drained and excessively tired after being around a certain person on rare occasions, and you believe it is because he/she is a psy-vamp, the most effective thing you can do is just sleep, eat and relax.

For at least a week or so, keep a regular sleep cycle, eat nutritious balanced meals, and meditate/listen to music/relax.

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This should help replenish your normal level of energy. Light Exercise in addition to resting, eating and relaxing will also help to build up your natural psychic defense system and boost your energy levels.

Aura Cleansing

The aura is the energy that surrounds your body and as such can be “cleaned” to help the body, mind and spirit to become healthier.

The next time you are taking a shower or a bath, take some deep breaths and really make an effort to feel the water against your skin. Visualize that this water is cleansing away all the weak spots you perceive intuitively throughout your body.

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If you know are good at meditation, try visualizing our energy and finding out where dark patches may breach the light. If you can actually see auras, you may view long black astral “tentacles” issuing forth from the weak, dark spots in your aura.

If this is the case, a psy-vamp is probably still attacking you from a distance. You’ll need to sever the tie. To do this, imagine the pure light of the universe, the light of your energy issuing in a beam from your fingertips.

Use this beam to slice through the tentacles, then allow the water and its energy to wash away the remaining black splotches. You may consider additionally following the advice under “Astral Fortification”, listed below.

Closing the Circuit

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If you believe you are being attacked by a psychic vampire at a specific moment and want to block the vampire from feeding, the quickest way to do so is by sitting in the following posture.

Cross your ankles and place the tips of your index fingers and thumbs (of each opposing hand) together. This will close off your personal cycle of energy to the outside world and looks casual and unobtrusive when you are in public places.

Cast the Circle

Allow us to indulge in the wonderful world of simplified wicca 101 for a moment or two. The point of casting a circle is mainly to clean a sacred space for yourself to be protected from nasty, not so nice forces of energy.

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This is designed for use following aura cleansing and once completed will give you the additional chance to meditate in a safe spiritual environment as well as combine acts of meditation with astral fortification, if you chose.

First, you’ll need a small amount of salt, sand or dirt… a small dish of water…a candle (preferably white or black)… some incense… and finally, a compass to determine which direction is North. Determine your sacred area of choice and roughly imagine the shape of a circle to surround it.

To the North of the circle, place the element of earth (the salt/sand/dirt). To the south place the candle (fire) but do not light it. To the West (water) place the dish of water.

And to the East place the incense (air), but do not light it. Stand in the center of the circle facing East and take some deep breaths until you are calm and focused on the task at hand only.

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Ask in your own words that nature, your deity of choice or the world in general offers you protection from the East, purified by the element of air. Light the incense and walk around the perimeter of the circle until you reach East again, then put the incense back down on the ground.

Face South and ask again for protection from the south, purified by the element of fire. Light the candle and walk around the perimeter until you reach south again, and put the candle on the ground.

Face West, ask it for protection purified by the element of water. Walk around the perimeter splashing little bits of water as you walk, then out the water back at the western location.

Turn North and ask it for protection purified by the element of earth, then walk around the perimeter sprinkling salt/sand/etc as you go. Return to place it on the ground at North’s spot. Stand in the center of the circle and look above you.

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Imagine a symbol that represents power and security for you (a cross, ankh, God figure, whatever applies), and imagine that symbol projected into the air above your head. Ask it for protection.

Then look below your feet, beyond the floor, and again imagine the symbol of power and ask it for protection. Turn to the spaces in between each of the four elemental anchors of the circle and for each, imagine the symbol projected into the air and ask for protection.

Finally, imagine the bubble surrounding you and protecting you and state something like “I stand in a sacred space. No negative forces/energy may enter here.” Thus, your circle is cast.

Astral Fortification

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This is a method designed for slightly more advanced students learning about prana. It should be performed as an extension to astral cleansing and meditation, so if you don’t know how to do either of these things, learn how under the descriptions above and below.

To create a psychic shield for yourself, first you must lead yourself into a state of meditative repose… and then allowing the light to fill you.

Once you are at that level of meditative state, astrally fortifying yourself is fairly simple. Repeat a mantra silently to yourself along the lines of “I am protected from all psychic harm” and visualize astral spikes forming upon your aura.

When the spikes cover your aura entirely, say that the spikes will keep out harm at all time.

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Take some deep breaths, then more forcefully to yourself say that the spikes will appear under any astral attack. Release the glowing ball of light as normal and watch your astral spikes “fold down” in waiting. Reconnect to your sense of self as normal.

In the future this psychic shielding effect should help protect against psychic vampire and other invading astral attacks. It is a good idea to repeat this rite every once in awhile.

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