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How to Open Your Third Eye

third-eyeThe third eye symbolizes an enlightened state of consciousness through which one can perceive the world in an almost supernatural way. Using your third eye doesn’t mean becoming a psychic or developing magical powers, though.

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Instead, it means having greater control over your mind and emotions, and a deeper sense of intuition about the world around you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make this shift overnight; you will need to devote your life to a spiritual practice that involves practicing mindful awareness on a daily basis. Read on to learn how.

1. Find the right environment

Choose a place that is relatively quiet and where you can be alone for at least 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be completely silent, but try to find a place where you will not be overly distracted.

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2. Get into a meditative posture

Sit on the ground with your legs crossed, your back straight, and your hands resting on your knees. If sitting on the ground is uncomfortable for you, then sit in a chair with your back straight.

– Use your abdominal muscles to support your upper body, and don’t let your back slouch over. Point your chest out and keep your shoulders down.

3. Relax your body

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Every human being holds tension in his or her body when going about daily life, which can make focusing extremely difficult. You may not even recognize how tense your muscles are until you make a conscious effort to relax them. Allow your shoulders to drop, let your neck muscles release, and roll your head from side to side to help loosen up.

4. Relax your mind

This is perhaps the most essential part of opening up your third eye, and the most challenging, because you will need to clear your head of any thoughts. Do this by focusing all of your attention on an aspect of the physical world, whether it is your breath going in and out, the sound of cars driving past outside, or the sensation of the ground underneath you.

– It’s impossible to avoid thoughts entirely. If a thought does arise, simply acknowledge it, label it “thought” and allow it to disappear in your mind’s eye.

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– It will take a great deal of practice and patience for you to be able to effectively clear your thoughts. Often, people have difficulty in the first 10-15 minutes of meditation, as their minds are still rambling from the chaos of everyday life. Give yourself some time to transition from the outside world to your meditative state.

5. Get in the habit of meditating every day

Think of meditating as you do brushing your teeth; the more often you do it, the more effective it will be. Even if you only meditate for 3-5 minutes a day, you will slowly train yourself to become more mindfully aware over time.

– You might want to set a timer for yourself while you meditate so that you don’t spend the entire time wondering how much longer you should sit.

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Opening Up Your Intuitive Side

1. Observe the world around you

Many people who describe themselves as “wallflowers” also believe that they have a more intuitive understanding of the world than the average person, and they may be right. This is because these types of people tend to spend a great deal of time observing other people, and in doing so develop a greater understanding of things like body language, facial expressions, and other non-explicit types of communication. This allows them to better detect lies, sarcasm, sexual chemistry, and other hidden messages.

Try going out to a public place like a park, restaurant, or café by yourself and just observe other people. Without being rude or overbearing, listen in on other peoples’ conversations. Try to come up with a story in your head about how these people know each other, the context of their conversation, and any other information about them. The more you do this, the better you will get at it.

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The next time you are sitting around a table with family or friends, be quiet for a little while and just listen to the conversation. Watch people who aren’t speaking, and see how they react to the interaction that is going on. Try to imagine what people are thinking even when they are not speaking. Again, the more you do this, the better you will become at it.

2. Pay attention to your dreams

Many people with psychic powers believe that certain dreams can serve as premonitions. Before you can start analyzing your dreams, though, you will need to start logging them and keeping track of them. The best way to do this is to start a dream diary, and keep it by your bedside so that you write down your dreams immediately after waking up.

Keep your dreams in mind and try to notice connections, if any, between your dreams and your daily life. See if anything you dreamt of in the last couple of days or weeks has come true in real life.

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3. Listen to your gut instincts

Have you ever had a peculiar feeling about a person, place, or event that you couldn’t explain? Have you ever had a strange inkling that a certain event might take place, without any solid evidence to support it? These types of feelings are called gut instincts, and everybody has them. Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook their instincts and choose instead to over-rationalize their lives. The next time you have one of these feelings, write it down and see if it turns out to be true. Try to notice how these gut feelings connect to your life.

Remember that just because you have a gut feeling, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true. Contrastingly, if it is true, it may not unfold in real life for days, months, or even years. The best way to know for sure is to write these feelings down when you get them and to go back and read them occasionally.


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