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Negative entity

How to Know When a Negative Entity is Misleading You

Negative entityNo one disputes that life is tough—thank goodness we don’t have to go through it alone. Many people find it beneficial to commune with spirit guides to help figure out which direction to take, what pitfalls to beware and to make sense out of life’s lessons.

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Spirit guides are the evolved spirits of humans who’ve gone before us to reach enlightenment—the ascended masters who choose to remain with us and help us along the path.

Unfortunately, not all spirits are who they claim to be. There are lesser spirits—both human and non-human—who might, given the opportunity, disguise themselves as spirit guides, only to lead us into ruin.

Typically these entities find people who dabble with channeling, Ouija boards or Spiritualism, but have not had adequate training to defend themselves.

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If you should happen to run into one of these dark spirits, it’s important to know how to recognize what you’re dealing with before it can cause too much damage to your life.

Trust Your Gut

Your own instincts are a good way to measure whether or not you should trust any spirit. True spirit guides may sometimes urge you into doing things out of your comfort zone—you may feel apprehension, but it will always be to your benefit to follow through.

Phony spirit guides will urge you on to doing things that go beyond apprehension—they’ll make you feel down-right uneasy. It’s like when you’re a child and older children try to trick you into doing something that you might not understand, but you intuitively know is wrong.

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Warnings from your guardian angels or your true spirit guides also come in the form of ‘gut feelings’ that try to alert you of the deception. You’re subconsciously picking up their messages and it may manifest through your subconscious in seeds of doubt, dreams or physical reactions like aches and pains.

Engulfed in Negativity

Dark spirits like desperation. Desperation brings judgment lapses and lowers resistance. Even their ‘help’ seems like a good idea at the time so you are more likely to follow along with what they want you to do.

If you feel you’re being invaded by dark thoughts, if you’re snappy and arguing with people, or fascinated with dark things all of a sudden, this may be the cause.

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Everything is Going Wrong

A telltale sign that a spirit is deceiving you is that, when you follow its advice, everything starts to go downhill. This just shows you that you’re being led in the wrong direction.

A true spirit guide does not encourage bad decisions that hurt you in the long run.

Feeling Drained of Energy

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Negative spirits are looking to feed off your negative energy. When something is feeding off you, you’ll feel it. You may feel physically, mentally and/or emotionally drained.

Fatigue can just settle deep into you until you feel you just don’t have the strength to deal with things anymore. This can take a real toll on your long-term health and lower your resistance to many diseases and conditions.

See a Psychic

If you suspect you have a negative energy masquerading as a helpful spirit guide, the best thing you can do is see a psychic. A qualified psychic will see through all disguises, warn you of the problem and help you to get rid of this presence in your life.

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A dark spirit will try to discourage any visit to a reputable psychic— they’ll inspire nagging doubts and fears, and make you feel like you want to run in the other direction. If you can find someone that has good references you should give the psychic a try, and hear them out. If a dark presence has been tricking you, it won’t be long before the real culprit is unmasked.

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