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How to Hear Spirit Guides With Automatic Writing

People of all cultures are adept at praying, pleading or bargaining with God. Whether the wish is for a soul mate, increased health, or good fortune, the ability to hear angels and spirit guides is strengthened when intuition is bolstered by automatic writing.

Who are Angels and Spirit Guides?

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According to intuitive Diana Byrnes, everyone has angels and spirit guides. These celestial beings have a higher vibration and consciousness than people on Earth.

“They may include master teachers, saints, deceased relatives and others we have known in other lifetimes,” says Brynes. Relaxing and cultivating a higher vibration through relaxation, meditation and automatic writing will increase the ability to hear angelic guidance.

Preparation for Automatic Writing

Find a quiet spot that prevents interruption and create a calm environment with candles, comfortable pillows and pleasing scents.

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Determine a regular time each day for the automatic writing session, as spirit guides view it as an appointment and will return at that time.

Create a prayer of intent to have a conversation with angels and spirit guides. Ask that only high vibrational energies appear.

The Process of Automatic Writing

With eyes closed, pay attention to the senses that arise, such as images, colors, emotions, smells or touch. In the book, How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides, Ted Andrews says that recording the sense impressions that arise in the presence of spirit guides will increase sensitivity to them as they approach.

Next, become acquainted with the spirit guides who have arrived to communicate. Ask about the guide’s identity, how often he or she is near, and what purpose the guide fulfills.

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Start writing whatever comes to mind without judgment. Don’t worry about the quality of the handwriting, grammar, or spelling. Allow the words to flow.

Ask Questions of the Spirit Guide

Write one question at a time and rest the pen while awaiting the answer. Byrnes suggests using the non-dominant hand to write, as this encourages right-brained activity and intuition.

Do not judge or edit the words that flow from spirit onto the paper. Expect nonsensical words or phrases, squiggles, pictures, or other non-linear symbols arising from this altered state of consciousness.

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While keeping eyes closed, record what is observed. Allow the writing to flow effortlessly. The different types of images and writing styles that emerge will help identify the guide. Record the images as a reminder of which guide communicated during the session.

Interpreting the Results of Automatic Writing

The messages from angels and spirit guides may or may not resonate immediately. In the book, Ask Your Guides, Sonia Choquette suggests keeping a journal of all automatic writing regardless of whether the messages make immediate sense. “In my experience, most guidance makes sense in time – if not right away. Set your writing aside and refer to it later.”

The final step of automatic writing is to express gratitude and appreciation for the guidance received and share the intent for future communication.

Whether people are practiced at communicating with spirit guides or just starting out, they can meet angels through automatic writing.

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Other relaxation practices, such as yoga, can also increase receptivity to divine messages. The increased ability to listen to messages of angels and spirit guides will increase clarity and assist in achieving desires, such as love, security, and happiness.

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