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Angel wings

How To Have a Close Encounter with an Angel

Angel wingsAlmost every religion since the dawn of civilization has spoken of certain supernatural entities. How these entities look or how they interact with humans have varied.

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There is one telltale thing these beings have in common: they most often seem to be bringing help, comfort, or messages to human beings. Though they’re called by different names depending on the culture or religion, the most commonly known term is ‘angel’.

Despite science and skeptics continually dismissing the idea that angels exist, millions of angel sightings and experiences have occurred throughout the centuries.

Not only do unexplained photographs and videos depicting angles continue to mount, people from around the world testify to personal experiences involving angels. These people will tell you that once you come face to face with an angel, or have one touch your life, it simply leaves no room for doubt.

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Have you ever wished that you could experience an angel once and for all, so you can put the question of their existence to rest in your mind? You can— one of the best ways to come into contact with an angel is through lucid dreaming.

Try this process a few different times; it shouldn’t take more than a few times to experience results.


On the day you plan to do these exercises, pray— speak aloud to your own guardian angel or any angels that may be watching over you. Tell them how much you need to personally see or hear from them and that you’re planning on arranging a ‘meeting’ with them in your sleep.

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When your mind is in a certain state of consciousness between sleeping and waking, you are most receptive to the type of energy and vibrations of angels.


You will need a blue or red 25 watt light bulb, a lamp, and a plug-in timer. A plug-in timer allows you to set a timer, plug it in the wall and plug your lamp into it. It will then turn your lamp on and off according to your timer.

Set the timer for about five hours after you anticipate falling asleep.

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Spend Time in the Light

You want your brain to begin releasing a flood of chemicals like serotonin in preparation for this exercise, so spend a couple of hours outdoors in sunlight. Don’t get sunburned—apply sunscreen and take appropriate measures to protect your skin.

Just sit outdoors so the light can get those neurotransmitters transmitting. As you’re doing this, tell yourself that when the light goes on you will partially rouse from sleep to look around for your angel.

Go To Sleep

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After you’ve spent time outdoors, come indoors and immediately get comfortable and go to sleep. As you are falling asleep, assert to yourself that when the light goes on you’ll become aware of your angel’s presence.

This can be the trickiest part of the process—getting to sleep shortly after being outdoors in the daylight. You may want to adjust your sleep schedule slightly over the week to ensure you’ll be tired and ready to go to sleep.

One option is to do this in the summer months when it’s light out until 8 or 9 pm. If you’re a night owl who usually goes to bed in the wee hours anyway, just hang in there until sunrise, sit outside for a while, then go in and go to bed in the daytime.

Remember to have your timer set with your lamp plugged in. Your lamp will go on about five hours after you fall asleep, and this will coax your consciousness into the proper state of awareness.

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Write it Down

When you wake up in the morning you will probably have depleted some energy. In order to commune with angels your spiritual body will alter its vibrations.

Eat something light but nourishing, and recall the experience. Have a pad and pencil, your computer or a recorder on hand so you can take not of any memories and impressions.

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