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How To Clear Negative Energy In Second-Hand Things

Stuff oldDo you love to going to thrift stores to snap up incredible bargains on clothes, furniture and more? Lots of people do. But before you make that second hand purchase, you may want to give some thought to how a used object’s energy can negatively affect you.

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Your chi is your personal energy, so you can imagine how important it is to keep it well protected. Chances are you already know about guarding yourself from energy vampires out to grab your precious life force, but why should you be concerned about objects?

Those vintage finds you bring home from your local consignment shop may be a steal, but they could also be affecting your energy. Really? But how?

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As you well know vibrations are everywhere. In fact everything is made of up vibrational energy. Some things like solid material simply have molecules that vibrate at a slower rate. With people and things vibrating all over the place, energy is going to be shared and energy signatures will be imprinted.

Think for a moment about psychometry. Ever seen a psychic or medium divulge something about a person just by holding a personal object like a ring? The owner’s personal energy leaves an energetic imprint on the object.

So guess what happens when someone leaves used items to be sold? Oftentimes some of their personal energy remains attached to the item.

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So when you bring home that cute vintage handbag or funky retro chair, it could have the vibes of its prior owner stuck to it. And what if that owner was an extremely ill or negative person? Who wants those vibes around?

They can attach to you and affect your own chi. Does that mean you need to give up your favorite thrift store find? No way!


Don’t worry; your chi is safe if you shop second hand—just be sure to cleanse the energy of the items you buy.

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Some cleansing options include: burning white sage or a smudge stick as you walk around the item, placing the object in sunlight or moonlight for several hours, sprinkling it with holy water or salt water, or using prayer or Reiki.

Once you clear a used object’s energetic vibrations, you won’t be subject to potentially negative or draining energies. Then you can truly call that second hand item your own.

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