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How to Attract Success Using Universal Laws and Quantum Physics

How to achieve success in career, relationships and health? Why does hard work sometimes not produce good results? For some, answers to these questions can be understood via the universal laws that affect people.

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Sandra Anne Taylor, a counselor in private psychological practice and author, in her book, Quantum Success, outlines seven laws of success, understanding and following which, wealth and happiness can follow.

Taylor says that the universal laws are consistent with a branch of science, called quantum physics.

Quantum Physics, Consciousness and Personal Success

In quantum physics, everything is made up of vibrating strings of energy. What was considered solid matter in classical physics is considered pulsating strings of energy vibrations in the world of quantum physics.

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Humans are viewed as bodies of energy who vibrate with the frequencies of their thoughts and emotions. Quantum physics, being a science of possibilities, supports the theory that one’s future is constantly fine tuned and defined by the vibrations (or thoughts) offered by the individual.

Also, the nature of reality has transformed from being definite to being dependent on the perception of the person. Achieving abundance and creating a life of happiness, lies in the hands of the individual, not external factors, according to quantum physics.

Brain spirituality

The Law of Manifestation

The Law of Manifestation says that material things are created from consciousness. For something to manifest in the physical world, it’s believed that it has to be clearly created in one’s mind first.

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According to this school of thought, success cannot be manifested or recognized without the knowledge of what success looks and feels like.

One’s life is predominantly filled with objects that reflect what one thinks or feels strongly about most of the time. To work the law of manifestation to one’s advantage, clear definition of desires and wants is important.

Sometimes a journal can be used to clarify thoughts into what is wanted and what is not wanted.

The Law of Magnetism

The Law of Magnetism, defined by Taylor, is also called the Law of Attraction, popularized by Esther Hicks and Abraham. By the law of magnetism, one can only attract things that vibrate similarly with one’s own core vibration.

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If a person is depressed most of the time, by the law of magnetism, he is prone to attracting more events, people and circumstances that cause sadness. The first step to getting the law of magnetism to work in one’s favor is to be aware of one’s subconscious thoughts.

If a pattern of fear based thinking is present, using gentle affirmations to steer the conscious mind into more pleasant thoughts is recommended.

It’s said that the laws of success governing the universe are consistent with the principles of quantum physics. These laws are based in personal power and the individual being the center of his universe, and hence, following them can be a fulfilling and a rewarding exercise.

The Law of Harmony

The law of harmony explains why, sometimes, even well-intentioned hard work does not produce results. Taylor mentions that the most harmonic emotions one can hold are those of love, peace, acceptance and an enthusiasm for one’s life. If these core emotions are not present, then success may prove elusive.

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Taylor also mentions that in order to achieve real harmony, one must arrive at a place of acceptance for oneself and others, without needing another person’s approval.

One way to harmonize energies with the universe is to practice meditation for a few minutes everyday.

Spiritual Awakening

The Law of Right Action

The law of right action states that one’s energy is self-perpetuating in the world. One can never choose right action for him/herself when it involves tearing down another person’s value, honor or dignity.

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Right action is usually empowering and filled with love for everyone involved in the process, at least in the point of view of the doer.

Right actions are characterized by taking responsibility for one’s thoughts, emotions and actions, and making choices that promote one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, without casting blame or coming up with excuses.

The Law of Expanding Influence

The law of expanding influence states that one’s energy output or the sum total of one’s emotional broadcast at a moment, has an effect on the surroundings as well. Taylor mentions that one’s personal energy does have an impact, on one’s family, productivity of the company one works for, and even the rest of the world.

For Taylor, energy from living a life of harmony and holding reverence for all life, holds the potential to expand its influence outside one’s personal space as well. It sows the seeds of positive energy among people as they interact with the harmonious person.

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To apply and accept these laws may require a change in the way one thinks and acts. These spiritual laws, backed by scientific studies in quantum physics, reiterate that the choice to a happy life, to not be a victim or an unhappy bystander to the workings of fate, is always with the individual.

The Law of Pure Desire

The law of pure desire states that when a person is driven by a pure intention — free of fear, doubt — he can be certain of a beneficial outcome. A positive desire is fueled by feelings of hope, love, excitement, enthusiasm and confidence.

If a desire for a successful career is immediately succeeded by a thought of past failure and feelings of impending doom, then the desired outcome is less probable than if the person could hold the desire in a field of positive feelings.

Deservability is another aspect of the law of pure desire. The person desirous of a positive outcome should know deep within that he deserves it.

The Law of Paradoxical Intent

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Feelings of desperation or excessive urgency indicate a state of conflict with the original intention. Letting go of the very desire is better for the positive outcome than to hold on to feelings of desperation or neediness.

The fourth law of success, the law of paradoxical intent, states that being desperate to make something happen will make the very people that can facilitate the desire, turn away.

Desperation creates the paradox or the opposite of the original intention, that ensures failure instead of success. Though it may take time, it is helpful to come to peace with the non-manifestation of the desire.

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By the law of paradoxical intent, it is easier to get what is wanted, when a person is able to be happy without the very object of desire. The energy of desperation should be replaced by that of peaceful pursuit.

The laws of success place the responsibility of success or failure, on the individual. Success aside, abundance and good health, fulfillment and a better quality of life are positive byproducts of following the universal laws.

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