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Deceased Loved Ones Try to Contact Us

How Our Deceased Loved Ones Try to Contact Us

Deceased Loved Ones Try to Contact UsWhen a loved one dies, it can feel as though they’ve been ripped from our lives forever. The truth is, the people we are close to are always with us. The spirit lives on; and sometimes they even try to get messages across to us.

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They may want to let us know they’re okay because they see how upset we are about losing them. They want to make sure we’re taken care of or will move on or they may have died suddenly and be having a hard time letting go of their life.

They may just be checking up on us over the years to see how we are. They want to acknowledge a birthday, an anniversary or the birth of a new baby in the family or warn us of a bad situation.

If you know what to look for, you’ll get the message they are trying to get through to you.

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Telepathic Messages

The life force is made of energy, and thoughts are electric impulses in the brain. Because of this, sometimes spirits can communicate with their loved ones telepathically. Our brain acts like a receiver and may pick up on their message.

Usually, this happens when we’re tuned to the right “frequency.” It happens most often when we’re in a state of relaxation and our brain waves have slowed down. It can happen when we’re doing something dull or repetitive, and get into a state of mind in which we’re “zoning out.”

If you ever find a deceased loved one just popping into your head when you’re driving, doing chores or just kicking back and not really paying attention, it could be that loved one is trying to say something to you.

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Dreams are a state in which we are particularly perceptive of their presence. If you have a dream of someone departed that seems real, it probably is.

Influencing Others

Sometimes a spirit might not go directly to you. They might be having too hard a time getting through to you or you might be ignoring their signals.

If you’re not getting the message, they may turn to someone more susceptible. If a living friend or family member calls you or shows up at your door one day and says, “Hey, you just popped into my head and I had to get in touch to see how you’re doing,” it might be the idea was planted in their head by a spirit.

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A spirit might even push them to buy you a gift or help you out—they’ll think it’s their own idea, but the soul of the departed is the one who actually implants it.

Animals and babies are much more in tune with spirit energy. If you’ve been ignoring your deceased loved one’s attempt to contact you, your animals or babies might begin acting funny by getting excited, making unusual noises, or staring at what seems like nothing.

Tampering With Electricity

As you know with various haunting situations, spirits — being made up of energy — can intermingle with other energy fields. Sometimes they figure out that they can manipulate electricity and electric devices.

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Sometimes when your loved one is trying to get a message through, she might flicker lights or cause things to snap on unexpectedly. Sometimes they’ll even cause the phone or doorbell to ring, but no one will be there when you answer. If unusual things like this begin to happen, it might be someone is trying to tell you something.

Take a Hint

Don’t jump at shadows; not every little thing is a ghost of your past. However, don’t ignore it when things begin to happen or patterns emerge— it’s not always a coincidence.

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