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Horrifying Union Cemetery: What Can Happen To You There?

Union cemeteryImagine you’re visiting a deceased ancestor’s grave one evening; a man is approaching you and starting a brief polite conversation. He’s as real and as solid as you or me, but he vanishes right before your eyes in the middle of the sentence. What you’ve just experienced is a rare type of ghost called a “lepke.”

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Lepkes are spirits of the dead just like ghosts with the exception that they can appear in physical form, and there are less than a handful of places in the world where repeated sightings of these ghosts have occurred. If you just saw one, get the hell out, because you’re standing in one of the planets most haunted locations.

Given the above scenario, imagine it’s not one person that approaches you and vanishes, but half a dozen. If that happens then there’s only one place in the world you could be, Union Cemetery in Connecticut.

The cemetery is almost three hundred years old, and is for obvious reasons considered the most haunted place in all of North America. The appearances of lepke at Union Cemetery have been witnessed by hundreds of people, first being recorded almost two hundred years ago.

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Despite appearing completely physical, there has never been a report of a lepke attacking somebody – but what you do need to worry about at Union Cemetery is what many believe is a sort of “keeper of earthbound spirits”, often referred to as the “Red Eyed Demon”.

Not much is really known about these “demons”, except that if you put together a list of the top ten most haunted places in the world, there would be reports of these dark shadows with red eyes at each of them.

The one at Union Cemetery has been reported since before the founding of the cemetery, and has been known at times to aggressively follow or chase people who have just encountered the lepkes.

Chute Road Cemetery

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This may be beginning to sound like an urban myth, but to clarify: this has been witnessed by hundreds of people, sometimes in groups, and a good number of them people generally respected such as doctors, police men, etc.

On top of that, Union Cemetery is a known hotspot for paranormal photography and recordings. One such recording via electronic voice phenomena (EVP) was the voice of a man killed in a DUI related hit and run.

The voice provided his name, the cause of his death and a number of profanities. One very brave investigator attempted to photograph the “Red Eyed Demon” and captured only a large wisp of what looked like red steam on film.

There also seems to be one more spirit not related to the cemetery that somehow got caught up in its pull. An unusually high number of car accidents have occurred along Route 59 just outside the Eastern walls of the cemetery.

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Most of these have involved a driver suddenly swerving off the road and into a tree or other object, and they all report the same thing. A young woman with dark hair in a white gown suddenly ran in front of, or appeared in front of their vehicle, but the girl is never anywhere to be found after the incident.

Although the “Red Eyed Demons” chase people, nobody has ever reported one actually attacking them. The lepkes, as I said, have never been reported as attacking – so feel free to browse the cemetery, but stay off of Route 59.

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