Indian, apocalypse

Hopi shamans warn of a possible end of the human race

Indian, apocalypseOne of the most ancient civilizations of North America is the Navajo or Hopi Indians. They themselves still believe that the rituals that they received from their ancestors and that they faithfully perform from generation to generation – this is their “mission of Hope”, the purpose of which is to preserve humanity on Earth.

The Navajo shamans possess ancient manuscripts, which, according to legend, are derived from the former race of white people, who died just as humanity could soon die.

These ancient sources allegedly say that we already live on the “fourth earth”, and the three previous ones have destroyed themselves, since these civilizations have dedicated their lives to pleasures and the struggle for power. Unfortunately, humanity is no different from them and at the moment catastrophically approximates the fourth Earth Apocalypse.

Hopi shamans do everything possible to prevent this inglorious end, but so far they have failed. The apocalypse, they say, approached after the outbreak of war with Iraq.

The Hopi shamans spoke at a special conference, where they even showed ancient manuscripts for the first time and explained what they were warning mankind about.

But this did not stop the US government, and therefore the Third World War began, and it continues on Earth so far, bringing humanity to an inglorious end.

However, according to the texts of the same manuscripts, the human race has a chance to survive, because the number of righteous people on the planet is growing.

A nuclear war can destroy most people, but this will not be the end, a demigod will come to lead the remaining righteous, and they will eventually establish a just and happy society on Earth.

However, the Navajo shamans immediately agree, everything may end more sadly, so the “mission of Hope” is not only aimed at preventing the Apocalypse, but also in the continuity of civilizations. So did all the spiritual people of all three lost civilizations.

And if humanity is destined to sink into oblivion, then the knowledge gained and accumulated by people should not be lost for the next fifth race of earthlings.

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