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Holding A Séance? How To Do It Sanely And Safely

OuijaMany of us long to communicate with the spirit world and those who have crossed over. The idea of performing a séance to contact the other side is both intriguing and exciting.

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You may have seen cheesy movies depicting a séance as nothing more than a staged parlor trick, but in reality having a group of people together who are serious about speaking with the dead can lead to a rewarding experience. If you plan on holding a séance, don’t do so lightly. Consider the following tips to do it sanely and safely.


Obviously the objective of a séance is to contact those who have crossed over, but why exactly are you conducting this séance? Are you trying to reach a particular person or are you just curious? Perhaps you are dealing with a ghost or spirit in your home. Maybe you are involved in a paranormal investigation of a house or historical place.

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If you are trying to contact a specific individual, you may be better off hiring the services of an experienced medium or psychic. However if your aim is to just explore the realm of those on the other side, you may prefer to attempt a séance on your own.


Decide how you will contact and communicate with the spirit world. As mentioned earlier you can employ the services of a medium or do it yourself.

If you choose to act as the medium, using a tool like a Ouija board, pendulum or overturned glass on a table can work.

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It is important to set up a space that is conducive to spirit contact. Choose a quiet area where you and the participants won’t be disturbed.

Some experts suggest a round or oval table where everyone can hold hands, but it is not crucial. Consider adding some candles, incense or flowers to the room as they often attract spirits.

When preparing your space also be mindful of the guests that will be in attendance. Make sure you have invited like-minded people who will take this seriously. Leave out the others, as they will just bring in negative energy.

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Once everything is set and your guests are seated, slowly begin the session. Start off by offering a prayer and request for protection. You may also want to smudge the area. Whether you or the medium is leading the séance, only one person should serve as the main channel or communicator.

Next ask the spirits to join the group. Ask them in a respectful manner just as if you were inviting a guest into your home—because essentially you are. Also be sure to ask them for a sign of their presence.

If you are using a device like a Ouija board, ask them to speak through the board as you touch it. For a pendulum or overturned glass that you move, give instructions to signal yes and no, like clockwise movement for yes and counterclockwise for no.

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Now it’s up to you and the group to just watch and wait. If you get no responses, be patient and try again. If you get rude answers or sense a negative presence, politely ask the spirit to leave.

Thank them for their presence but send them away, just as you would a rude guest. If that doesn’t work, immediately end the session.

Keep your questions brief, clear and relevant. No asking about winning lottery numbers or other frivolous things. Always be polite and respectful.

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After communication ceases or you decide to end the session, thank the spirits for coming. Bid them a fond farewell and offer up a prayer or blessing for them.

Take a few moments for you and your living guests to come back to normal consciousness and then discuss your experiences.

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Holding a séance doesn’t have to be scary as long as you approach it in a safe and sane manner.

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