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Hikers spot ‘Bigfoot’ lurking in Ohio’s forest

BigfootA pair of hikers said they captured the legendary Bigfoot on camera in a video that was startlingly clear.

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The hikers who saw the hairy man said they heard “many weird noises” while walking at Salt Fork State Park last month, until they came across a mysterious figure. A large hairy creature can be seen walking slowly in the background in the mysterious clip.

Then one of the hikers’ whispers: “Did you see that? Should we even be here? The sounds you are gonna hear next are absolutely bone-chilling.”

They characterized the creature as something resembling Bigfoot –a hairy upright-walking, ape-like creature living in the forest.

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More than 36 similar sightings have been documented in the same park since the mid-80s, but researchers have already dismissed Bigfoot’s presence, finding it to be a mixture of myth, misidentification and hoax.

There are three sites at Salt Fork State Park where a bigfoot is said to have been spotted: Parker Road, Morgan’s Knob, and Bigfoot Ridge.

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