High-speed UFO flying past an airliner was accidentally filmed by a passenger

Just a few days ago, an unnamed passenger on a flight from New York to Florida inadvertently captured footage of a high-speed UFO flying in close proximity to their airliner (see video below).

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Seated beside the window, a man began filming the panoramic view of New York City as the plane ascended from the airport runway. Initially unaware, he later realized he had captured an unidentified object on film, as it streaked past the aircraft in a mere fraction of a second.

Upon closer examination of the slowed-down video frames, it became apparent that the fleeting object bore a dark, metallic appearance reminiscent of a classic “flying saucer.”

The individual shared the footage on social media, where it rapidly gained traction, sparking lively discussions about its nature and origins.

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As of now, one thing remains clear: if the footage indeed depicts a genuine occurrence and is not a product of video manipulation or AI-generated imagery, then it unequivocally defies classification as a drone.

Flying drones to high altitudes is strictly prohibited in and around New York City, eliminating the possibility of such an explanation.

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Jake Carter

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