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High-speed cigar-shaped UFO caught on video in Bulgaria

Over the village of Chobanka in the Kardzhali region of Bulgaria, a rare type of UFO was caught on video – a long cigar-shaped object with a metallic sheen.

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This object was accidentally filmed while shooting the surroundings of the village and was also not immediately noticed on the video. It was moving very fast against the background of a dark thundercloud.

The UFO appears twice in the video, first from the left edge, then for a couple of seconds it seems to “dives” into the cloud” and then reappears and flies, strongly descending towards the hills.

The object moves very quickly and at the same time easily makes sudden changes in the course of movement.

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According to the author of the video, a Bulgarian video blogger named Andras Horvath, no extraneous sounds were heard during the shooting, that is, the object moved silently.

AMAZING Footage of Cylindrical UFO filmed by drone in Hungary, Csobanka. One of the few videos you can actually see how these things move. 6/29/20
by u/user678990655 in UFOs

Based on the recording, someone on the network has already managed to calculate the speed of the UFO – about 1800 km per hour. For example, a modern passenger liner flies at a speed of about 500-800 km per hour.

Many users called this video unique and incredible if it is genuine. The video is also of very good quality, which is rare for a UFO video.

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Later, the author of the video suggested that it could be a bird, namely a swallow, but others are sure that this object is the least like a bird.

“This is the most cylindrical swallow I’ve ever seen,” joked one user.

“In this case it’s a very metallic swallow and it flies 10 times faster than any normal swallow, that’s for sure,” wrote another.

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