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Ghost hunting

Hidden Dangers of Ghost Hunting

Ghost huntingExploring the world of the paranormal can take a serious toll on both your physical and mental health unless you take proper precautions to protect yourself.

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Whether you’re a hobby ghost-hunter or a professional investigator, you should never let your fuse burn down – know what to look out for and the ways to correct unhealthy habits before you compromise your investigation and your well-being.

Mental Stress of Ghost Hunting

Mental strain and fatigue are common results of strenuous background research of a haunted location. Some sites have particularly nasty events associated with them that can weigh heavily on the subconscious and cause sleeplessness and a “drained” feeling.

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Avoid this kind of pressure by taking your time with the facts and allow them to mentally digest; never conduct your research in a hurry. Talking about tragic events with others involved in the investigation may also help clear your head of this sort of stressful debris.

Mental strain can also be caused by the stress level of the clients that contact you about haunted locations. Many of these people are afraid, desperate, and looking to you for help.

Talking about their situation with them and letting them know that you’ve met other folks that have been down the same road is often enough to comfort them – and yourself – until you can conduct your investigation.

Physical Stress of Ghost Hunting

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Physical exhaustion from long periods in the field, dehydration, or increased adrenaline levels can bench even an experienced investigator for days or sometimes weeks. Try working in shifts with other team members at large or especially stressful sites.

Be sure to carry plenty of water while conducting your research and try to eat a high-energy meal of complex carbohydrates before your investigation. Not only will your body operate at peak efficiency with proper fuel and hydration, your mind will as well.

Psychic Stress of Ghost Hunting

Psychic exhaustion is often reported after investigations that display a high level of paranormal phenomena and those that appear to involve particularly nasty entities.

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This type of exhaustion is most commonly attributed to the investigator’s energy having been “harvested” by spirits in order to manifest. Depending on your personal beliefs, build a habit of preparing yourself with a few words, a prayer perhaps, or visualization of protection.

After the investigation, it is helpful to conclude with your preferred method of psychic cleansing, such as a grounding ceremony, prayer, or period of “white light” meditation.

Remember, good health is a valuable asset. Take precautions when approaching an investigation and never compromise yourself for the sake of the hunt. If you find that you’re overdoing it physically or are overwhelmed mentally or emotionally, take some time off to heal.

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Team support is the best way to assure that all investigators are performing at their best!

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