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Healthy Eating Tips for Your Sun Sign

AstrologyWhether trying to lose weight or just give up junk food, we can all use some help when it comes to eating healthy. Here are some tips to consider based on your sun sign.

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As always make sure to develop a balanced diet and consult with a nutritionist or medical professional before starting a new plan.


Aries is always on the go and may not have time for a healthy sit down meal. Be sure to carry a healthy snack with you at all times like trail mix, granola bars or carrot sticks.

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Invest in a juicer or blender to juice veggies and make smoothies that are quick and nutritious.


This sign has a tendency to overindulge in food since it is the gourmand of the Zodiac. The key here is portion control.

Don’t give up the chocolate and goodies otherwise you’ll feel deprived. Just be sensible and cut back on the amounts.

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The sign of the twins is always on the go mentally. The brain and nervous system is constantly working so be sure to include some healthy “brain food” in your diet.

Healthy fats like Omega-3 are found in fish, avocados and walnuts.


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Like Taurus this sign also enjoys food, but can become an emotional eater. In addition to a balanced diet, focus on “mindful” eating.

Designate specific times and places to dine. Avoid eating in front of the TV or when upset. Play soft background music at mealtimes to aid digestion.


Fortunately most Leos are robust but can become overtaxed if not careful. Leo rules the heart so consider including heart healthy foods in your diet.

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WebMD recommends blueberries, oatmeal and salmon to name a few.


This sign rules the nervous system and intestines. Like Gemini, they would do well to include Omega-3 rich foods in their diet.

Virgo is sensitive to toxins and additives so avoid overly processed foods. Consider doing a detox or cleanse under a health professional’s recommendation.

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This sign represented by the scales needs balance, therefore a balanced diet is essential. Libra also rules the kidneys so avoid excess sugar, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Drink pure water and consider investing in a quality purifier or filter for your home.


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Scorpio is blessed with great regenerative powers. Make sure protein intake is adequate to provide amino acids and building blocks for the body.

Keep meals light and avoid heavy eating at night or bedtime. Alcohol can have negative effects on Scorpio’s health so be mindful.


This sign needs to keep active and may skip meals inadvertently. Keep some fresh fruit and veggie snacks nearby and don’t forget to drink water!

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Sagittarius rules the liver so be careful regarding alcohol consumption. Include liver supporting foods like beets as part of your diet.


Capricorn can get into a dietary rut eating the same foods day after day. Experiment with different foods and recopies.

This sign rules bones and teeth, so be sure to include some calcium rich foods like dairy, sardines and dark leafy greens.

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This sign can develop poor eating habits like constant junk food snacking. Ensure there are plenty of healthy snacks around like nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies.

Aquarius is also sensitive to caffeine, so consider switching from coffee to herbal tea.


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This sign is also subject to overindulging in eating and drinking. Moderation is the key. Pisces tends to suffer from bloating, so watching sodium intake is helpful.

Cut down on the table salt and try substituting exotic spices for a change of pace.

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