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Haunted Vineyard House In Coloma, California

The famous Vineyard and winery was a thriving empire, but the sad events that would unfold now seem to keep the past owners spirits haunting the winery’s empty halls.

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Martin Allhoff originally started the winery in Coloma, California, after having arrived in California with his friend Robert Chalmers. The pair originally came to California during the gold rush frenzy.

However, after they were evaded by success in striking it rich, the two returned to Dayton, Ohio where Martin Allhoff met and married his wife Louisa Weaver. The three of them soon returned to Coloma, where Martin would soon build the winery. After awhile the winery became very famous and known throughout the state.

The Haunted Vineyard Winery

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Unfortunately, not all was well at the winery, Martin would find himself arrested for tax evasion and for not having the proper liquor license. This became an embarrassment for Martin and his family, and one early morning Martin could no longer live with what he had done. The family found him lying dead by one of the outhouses; he had taken his own life.

Soon after Martins death Robert started courting Martins widow Louisa, the pair eventually married, and soon the couple would work on growing the winery business. Later Robert and Louisa would build their dream home a Victorian standing at four stories high, and home to 18 rooms including bathrooms. They would call it the Vineyard.

The very wealthy and elite people would flock to the Vineyard house in Coloma, California, where there were often elegant parties being held. Dancing, dining, and social networking was all a common thing at the Vineyard Winery. However, tribulation was again around the corner.

Vineyard in Coloma, California

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Trouble started when Robert began to lose his memory, but as if that was not enough, now Robert was not only losing his memory, he was going mad. He would fight with Louisa, the children, and even the household staff. It became such a problem that everyone had actually become scared of Robert.

In desperation, Louisa felt she had no other choices; she hired someone to build a cell with an iron gate and convinced her husband to go inside, once inside she locked the gate. Louisa had forced Robert to live in solitude confinement the remainder of his life. Robert later died of starvation; he was so convinced that his family was poisoning him that he quit eating.

Haunting at the Vineyard Winery

In 1900 after Louisa’s death strange occurrences started to happen at the Vineyard house. The new owners who ran it as an inn claimed that patrons would hear strange noises, and even a few would leave in the middle of the night. Often to frighten to say what they had seen. It became obvious that the Vineyard Winery was haunted by spirits.

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In the basement by the cell that Robert died in, is a bar. The bartender has noticed some peculiar things happen. Glasses move, voices are heard, and loud banging is noted. Could this restless spirit be Robert? Some people claim they can feel his present around them, especially in the basement area.

Visitors driving by the haunted Vineyard say they often see a woman looking out the windows, as if she is watching for someone.

Today the Vineyard Winery stands empty, left decaying, the only thing that remains are the spirits, wandering the halls and keeping a watchful eye over their Vineyard.

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