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Haunted tavern: CCTV show how unseen force knocks down shelves

PoltergeistThis week, Footage emerged from an alleged’ poltergeist’ that caused havoc in an England historic pub, reports York Mix.

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The video, filmed in Ye Old Shambles Tavern in York, captures supervisor Luke Smithson working at the bar when suddenly a stack of boxes and other products fly off a neighboring shelf.

The event occurred on Monday 1 July at 7.20am.

“I was just about to do my second line clean,” said Smithson. “I walked around the bar and suddenly everything just flew from the shelves. All the boxes flew all over the bar. A couple of glasses came off as well. There was proper force behind it – even the speaker on the top shelf was knocked down.”

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The facility itself is no stranger to paranormal events with staff members earlier reporting the noise of mysterious ghostly footsteps echoing in their rooms after closing time.

However, it remains uncertain whether this particular event explains something otherworldly.

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