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Harvard scientist claims aliens may be using hidden dimensions to travel

The famous astrophysicist from Harvard University, Professor Avi Loeb, suggested that aliens could use “collapsed dimensions” for travel.

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Loeb argues that these hidden dimensions, which scientists are trying to uncover using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), may be the key to understanding how aliens travel vast distances in space.

“Aliens may have been developing dimension-hopping technology for billions of years,” Loeb said. “They can use theoretical quantum-gravitational engineering to travel through these hidden dimensions.”

Avi Loeb

Quantum mechanics, discovered a century ago, is the basis of much modern technology, but Loeb believes our understanding of it is incomplete. He argues that the unification of quantum mechanics and gravity requires the existence of additional spatial dimensions, which are currently collapsed.

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The world’s largest particle collider, the LHC, was built to search for these extra dimensions by colliding protons at incredible speeds. Scientists hope to discover specific particles that may indicate the existence of these hidden dimensions.

Loeb suggests that aliens traveling through these extra-dimensional dimensions could reduce the risk of collision with other objects.

“If there are extra dimensions, then reality as we know it extends to them,” Loeb said. “This could lead to much more diverse and interesting life forms.”

Loeb’s theory is based on advanced physical concepts and is therefore difficult to prove or disprove. However, the astrophysicist’s assumption opens up the possibility that aliens may use technologies that are not available to us today.

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If scientists discover evidence of hidden dimensions, it could lead to revolutionary changes in our understanding of the Universe and open the way to contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

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