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Harvard professor suggest a new “cosmic” exodus is coming soon

Harvard professor Avi Loeb suggests that just like the Israelites leaving slavery in Egypt after following signs from God, today humanity is on the verge of a new cosmic exodus – the signs of God will be from extra terrestrials – UAPs are the new burning bush.

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In an new interview with Nub TV – broadcast on Tubi and on YouTube worldwide – Loeb talks about a new imminent Exodus from Earth by a minority – who will be following signs, not from God as Moses and the Israelites did, but from advanced extra terrestrial civilizations and UFO disclosure.

He adds that he thinks that Moses who will lead this Cosmic Exodus has already been born.

Loeb also shares with Nub TV’s Mark Christopher Lee an update on his search for proof of extra terrestrial life through his Galileo Project expedition to recover space rocks from the oceans around Papa New Guinea.

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He states that he has recovered pieces of debris from an inter stellar object that crashed in the ocean and his analysis has found that these pieces contained elements not found in our solar system.

He can’t yet state that these are engineered by an advanced civilization but he’s planning a further expedition later this year to recover larger fragments which will show whether this was a craft or an manufactured device from an Alien civilization.

You can watch the full interview on Tubi and the highlights on YouTube.

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