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Harvard professor: alien technology is a “quick ticket” to the future for humanity

Since the day his discovery hit the headlines, Professor of Astronomy Avi Loeb of Harvard University has been promoting the idea that it is not just a space rock, but quite possibly an artificial alien object, like a light sail, moving through space due to the flow of photons.

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Professor Loeb continues to adhere to his theory, despite the fact that his fellow scientists insist on another version: Oumuamua is just a new kind of comet, whose unusual acceleration is due to a natural mechanism that we do not yet understand. In a recent interview, Loeb talked about a new twist on his theory.

“Oumuamua could have been a ‘technological relic’ that is billions of years old. This is the same as if we were studying the artifacts of the Maya or other earthly civilizations of the distant past. This is how we should perceive someone or something that sent Oumuamua flying through our solar system,” he says.

Avi Loeb

The professor regrets that we missed the opportunity to land our own spacecraft on Oumuamua and study this ancient technology, just as we study the advanced technologies of ancient civilizations on Earth.

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The difference is that “Oumuamua may be an outdated device, but it is still much better than anything we have at our disposal today.”

What should we do when we manage to land on the next interplanetary object?

“If we find technologies that are far superior to our own, we can ‘import’ them to Earth. If we see an unusual object, we can, in principle, examine it, read the inscription “made on planet X” to find out its origin, but it is also possible to copy the technology. ”


What he proposes is good old fashioned reverse engineering, a technique many suspect is being used in Area 51, at the secret Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and elsewhere where rumored alien aircraft have been “hijacked”.

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Loeb reveals the real benefits that could be derived from this as follows:

“This could be a way to shorten our path to the future, because it will take us many years to develop the same technology. I see many benefits for humanity in simply searching for technological relics in space. ”

Another reason that makes Loeb agitate for a “noble cause” of space archeology is the theoretical opportunity to find out why an ancient highly developed civilization ceased to exist, to understand the reasons for its death … and thereby, possibly, prevent the death of earthly civilization.

It’s hard to disagree – it’s a good thing, unless you take into account the theory that the same technology that is used for space travel can be used for military purposes. The experience of mankind suggests that of the two options for using alien achievements, people would most likely choose weapons in the first place.

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Professor Loeb is not only smart enough to make his theories plausible, but creative enough to make us fantasize about far-reaching possibilities. Perhaps we need more dreamers like him.

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