Half-million-year-old man-made wooden structure discovered in Zambia

An impressive archaeological discovery in Zambia is challenging our understanding of the technological capabilities of our ancient ancestors. It turned out that more than half a million years ago people were already using wood to create complex structures.

This amazing discovery was made during archaeological excavations in the Kalambo Falls area. The researchers concluded that this design was created 476,000 years ago, that is, it happened long before the advent of modern man.

This means that our ancestors had amazing skills and creativity even in those times.

Made from two large wooden logs that were tooled and joined together, the structure likely served as a platform or even a dwelling.

Until this point, it was believed that the wood of that time was used only for creating primitive tools, weapons and making fires. The discovery of Calumbo Falls changes the way we think about the use of wood in an era when the preservation of materials was a serious problem.

One of the lead scientists on the study, Professor Larry Barham, stated that “this discovery has changed my understanding of our early ancestors. Forget the “Stone Age” label – they were creating something new and amazing out of wood. They used their intelligence, imagination and skills to create something that had never existed before.”

“They transformed their environment to make it more comfortable for them, even by creating a platform by the river on which they could sit and perform daily tasks. These ancient people were much closer to us than we thought, and their achievements deserve admiration.”

This discovery provides a unique insight into the creativity and intelligence of our ancient ancestors and challenges the idea of ​​them as primitive creatures.

The ancient wooden structure at Kalambo Falls stands as evidence that art and innovation were an important part of human evolution on the long road to modern civilization .

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