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Guyana man witnesses his dog being killed by a mysterious creature

A man from Guyana claims that he saw a monster kill his pet dog in front of his eyes, reports

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The incident occurred in Guyana’s bordering area to Venezuela. The dog owner Stephen Dunbar Amsterdam referred to the attack as a “bizarre” and “distressing experience”.

While speaking to local media channels, Amsterdam said he was walking his dog in the evening when a “big black monster” came towards to attack him. However, he got saved because his dog got in the way and sacrificed his life to save the owner.

He referred to the creature as “monster-like” and “diabolical”, which strangled the dog’s neck, causing it to die after that. Following the heinous murder of the dog, Amsterdam said the creature fled from the location.

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“I am not sure if it was a black panther, Kanaima or an evil spirit, but I am thankful to God and my dog for saving my life,”.

He added that the death of his dog had left a mark on his heart, as his beloved pet went everywhere with him.

After the news of the incident went viral on social media, many people shared the bizarre incidents that happened with them in the same locality in the past.

Gavin Liverpool said, ”Working at Makouria police outpost back in early 2000 while on duty, a jaguar, tiger-cat or something of that sort, attack one of the dogs that normally use to be around the outpost, upon checking after hearing the tumbling in the dark, whatever it was, run away leaving the dog just like that until it eventually dies,”.

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While some even suspected that the creature could be “Werewolf” or an “Evil Spirit” that roams only at night.

However, some people also lashed at the dog owner for not being protective enough of the pet.

“I am terribly sorry for that dog. We have to be responsible too as humans in situations like this; that dog was not supposed to be upfront tackling ‘the black ordeal,” wrote a user named Sheikh Abrahim.

Some users said that if the creature were a Black Panther, it would have taken its meal for the night with them instead of just leaving it.

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