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Guinness World Record crowns the shortest man in the world
The shortest man in the world has regained his Guinness World Record again, 10 years after he claimed it for the first time.

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Edward Nino Hernandez, of Colombia, measures 72.10 cm-about 2 foot and 4 inches tall. On Tuesday, Guinness World Records confirmed that Mr. Hernandez had been given the title of the shortest living man who is mobile.

“After turning 34 on 10 May, Edward can now begin his new year of age with a fantastic new record title; one that he achieved with a height of 72.10 cm (2 ft 4.3938 in) tall,” Guinness World Records said in a statement.

Mr Hernandez suffers from a condition known as hypothyroidism, which stunted his growth.

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“I can achieve everything I set my mind to. Everything is possible… Size and height don’t matter!” Edward says.

“I want people to meet who I truly am: small in size, big in heart!”

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