Green UFO hit the roof of the house and bounce to space

Amidst the tranquility of nature, a mesmerizing spectacle unfolds as an enigmatic orb (UFO) emerges mysteriously from the concealment of towering trees. And it was all captured on video (see below).

The orb glides towards the rooftop of a nearby house, as if drawn by an unseen force.

The UFO sphere suddenly erupts in a radiant display of vivid green hues, casting an enchanting glow upon its surroundings.

However, the captivating display does not end there. In an astonishing twist, the orb, now transformed into an emerald beacon of light, defies gravity itself. With an incredible burst of energy, it bounces off the roof and into space at a very high speed.

As MrMBB333 states: “I don’t think it was any type of bird, as we saw no wings flapping. Besides, I can’t fathom how a bird could have suddenly burst into a bright green color upon contact with the roof, and then continued to glow as it ascended into the nocturnal sky.

“What could this enigmatic object possibly be? Is it something of supernatural origin, a manifestation of a natural phenomenon, or perhaps an alien probe under intelligent control? Orbs and spheres such as this remain a perplexing phenomenon that eludes our current understanding.”

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Jake Carter

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