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Green Storm or Stranger Things – a rare phenomenon was observed in South Dakota

Image credit: Nathen Erickson/@TwstdSkyStudios via Twitter
The sky over the US state of South Dakota turned bright green during a thunderstorm. This is reported by the newspaper USA Today.

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According to eyewitnesses, during the storm, the sky suddenly turned from blue to green.

Some residents of the United States felt that they were in the TV series Stranger Things, while others tried to find a scientific justification for what happened.

A storm creates a vibrant green sky over Sioux Falls, S.D., on July 5, 2022. Image credit: @jkarmill/Twitter

It’s not fully understood why green skies occur, but most scientists point to the liquid water content in the air as a root cause.

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The celestial phenomenon occurs when clouds carry a lot of water and allow primarily blue light to pass through the storm cloud.

The blue light mixes with the sun’s red light, and the sky turns green.

According to meteorologist Corey Martin, there is a simple explanation for the phenomenon.

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“The thunderstorm began in the state in the late afternoon – the bright sunset light of the sun began to refract and interact with particles of water and ice, which have a bluish tint. The specialist added that a lot of liquid is needed to achieve this effect,” he said.

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