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Gravitational anomaly in Antarctica could have resulted from asteroid

Hidden within the icy expanse of Antarctica lies a mysterious circle boasting a diameter of 500 kilometers. Discovered in 2006 by a NASA satellite, this nearly perfect circular structure has sparked controversy and prompted extensive scientific inquiry.

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The enigma revolves around the remarkably intense gravitational field detected in this region. Scientists have proposed numerous theories in attempts to elucidate this anomaly, ranging from the presence of extraterrestrial craft to the existence of portals to other realms.

However, recent research conducted by NASA astrobiologists posits a more ominous explanation: the mysterious anomaly may be the aftermath of an ancient asteroid impact.

“Around the gravitational anomaly in Antarctica, we identified a ring structure closely resembling those found near significant meteorite impact sites,” remarked astrobiologist Jennifer Eigenbrode of NASA’s Planetary Environment Laboratory.

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“Given its diameter, this meteorite would have been among the largest to have struck Earth, measuring approximately 50 kilometers across. It surpassed even the size of the celestial body responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.”

Scientists theorize that roughly 250 million years ago, this colossal asteroid collided with Antarctica, triggering one of the most catastrophic extinction events in Earth’s history—the Great Permian Extinction.

This cataclysmic event led to the disappearance of 96% of marine animal species, more than half of all vertebrates, and nearly all insects.

Eigenbrode emphasized, “This event stands as the most extensive mass extinction ever witnessed on our planet. And we now believe that the remnants of this ancient cataclysm linger in Antarctica, a haunting testament to the destructive power of cosmic forces.”

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