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Google removes news about UFO flying past Joe Biden’s plane

On December 10, 2023, US President Joe Biden’s plane flew into Los Angeles and, when landing at the airport, a silver UFO ball flew close to him.

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This strange ball, which either flew quickly across the sky or froze in one place, was caught on camera at least three times by brother cameramen Peter and Josh Solorzano, who were filming planes landing at the airport and broadcasting live on their Youtube channel LA FLIGHTS. You can read more about this in our article here.

Strange things began immediately with this incident. For some reason, the media wrote about him only at the end of December, almost two weeks later, although Solorzano’s broadcast was available to everyone from the very beginning.

And now ufologist Chris Lehto claims that the Google search engine is deliberately “cleansing” references to this incident from the Internet. According to Lehto, the video was initially published by a number of US news outlets, but then almost all of these posts were removed from Google.

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In fact, if you enter Google queries in English about this incident, such as “UFO near Joe Biden’s aircraft”, “UFO Joe Biden plane”, etc., the results will be surprisingly meager.

A few links to TikTok, one link to USA Today, and a couple links to the Daily Mail and New York Post tabloids. The rest of the output will concern UFO incidents that are completely unrelated to Biden and happened years earlier. And generally no articles about this case from ufological sites and blogs.

“I think the reason it was removed from the Internet is because they (authorities) don’t want questions asked about why the F-35s didn’t identify the object,” Lehto said.

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Two F-35 fighter jets were escorting Joe Biden’s plane in Los Angeles and one of them was flying very close to the presidential plane when a UFO flew past. And he really didn’t react to it at all.

By the way, to this day, three weeks later, it is not known what kind of UFO it was. Was it really an extraterrestrial device tracking the US President or someone’s balloon that had flown away?

And, very importantly, in the airspace of Los Angeles Airport (as in all other normal airports) a strict rule is observed that no unauthorized aircraft are allowed.

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And if someone’s drone or an alien aircraft were spotted on the radar, then this would already be an emergency situation and a reason to temporarily ban all takeoffs and landings. Especially when your president’s plane is here.

However, at Los Angeles airport that day there were no such prohibitions or even warnings. The feeling that everyone was pretending that it was not a UFO, but just a bird.

The fact that the object was not just a child’s balloon is clear because it was very large. You simply wouldn’t notice an ordinary children’s ball at such a height. This object was at least several meters in diameter.

The Solorzano brothers agree that it was not a drone or a hot air balloon and say they have been filming airplanes here for 15 years, but have never seen such a “bizarre sight.”

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And they awkwardly joke about Men in Black: “If we see a saucer or something and there are little green men walking around, we’re not going to show it live. We’re going to turn off the live feed. We’re not going to get in trouble or anything like that. We’re hoping that all the men in the black SUVs just heard it, we’re not going to record it, we’re going to close our eyes and do nothing.”

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