Glowing humanoid caught on video in Brazilian jungle

A strange luminous creature, in general terms resembling something humanoid, was recently filmed (see below) in the municipality of Cachambou, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The creature was filmed in the distance, and even the attempt of the author of the video to enlarge the image gives little understanding of what it is.

At one point, the creature’s arms and legs can be seen, it appears to be standing upright on two legs and appears to be moving slightly.

Someone believes that this is an alien, although there are no alleged aircraft nearby. Others are sure that it is an angel.

Skeptics said that, most likely, this is either someone’s joke, or there is a metal object that is very shiny in the sun.

An interesting detail, in the same municipality of Caxambu, on the hacienda Morro Cavado in the spring of 2023, 17 cases of mysterious cow killings were recorded.

All animals were killed with deep stab wounds to the neck and head. Jaguar attacks were suspected, but all the victims were only killed, but not a piece of meat was taken from any of them. The villagers also claim that not a drop of blood was found near the carcasses.

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Jake Carter

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